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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 123 Blythe road W14 0HL London

- About -

>french art studio is the leading French contemporary art gallery in London. We present a fine selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs by artists who already have a successful career in France but are not always known to UK art amateurs. Our intimate knowledge of the French art world helps us spotting talent with strong international potential. We regularly receive new artworks from France - offering interesting surprises all the time.
We also offer multiple services of commissioning, art consultancy, free delivery, and to make things easier: private viewing at your home. We hope you will share our passion for the vibrant French art scene!

- Previous Artworks -

Dimension: 122 × 244 × 5 cm
Breath in
Yoakim Belanger
Dimension: 122 × 81 × 5 cm
Light Warrior VI
Yoakim Belanger
Dimension: 112 × 44 × 1 cm
Alter Ego I