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  • Weisman exhibit brings best of pop art to Cal State LA
    A large glass eyeball. A crushed can of Orange Crush soda. A man making a photocopy of his head.   The latest exhibit at the Ronald H. Silverman Fine Arts Gallery at Cal State LA features everyday objects depicted in thought-provoking ways. Works by celebrated pop art icon Andy Warhol and artists including Yayoi Kusama, Red Grooms and Claes Oldenburg are part of the exhibit: “Pop Culture: Selections from the Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation.” It will be on display at the university through August 2. “We have people painting things like soup cans—just taking everyday things...
    By: Cal State LA
  • Registration open for DCAD’s summer Continuing Ed workshops and courses
    Inspired teens and adults will have the opportunity to realize their creative potential in the engaging environment that is Delaware College of Art and Design through DCAD’s Summer 2019 Continuing Education workshops and courses in fine arts, jewelry design, photography and web/graphic design. DCAD Continuing Ed fosters personal and professional growth through small classes that feature challenging and stimulating instruction conducted by an engaging and supportive faculty of working artists and design professionals. Aspiring and established creatives alike enjoy the convenience of a...
    By: Delaware College of Art and Design
  • Alfred Freddy Krupa - Surviving Personal Holocaust (or Entering TOP 10 Modern Ink Painters)
    by Ante Vranković Translation from the Croatian original: Gabriel Alfred Krupa Alfred Freddy Krupa (1971), dramatic, interesting and unpredictable artist[1]. His first art lesson came from his grandfather, Alfred Krupa[2] (Alfred Joseph Kruppa[3] 1915– 1989), Silesian Pole, graduate of Krakow Academy of Fine Arts. As a Polish defender from the first line of defense on September 1st, 1939, he ends up in various military and working camps. His sister was arrested in 1942 and finally on February 1st, 1944 at 8:20 AM she was burned alive in the crematorium of the KL Auschwitz-Birkenau[4...
    By: Gabriel
  • Pei's World: Luca Beatrice intervista Peishuo Yang
    Luca Beatrice: Peishuo, ci racconti quando e perché hai deciso di venire in Italia… Peishuo Yang - Nel 1997, dopo aver visto il film Good Morning Babilonia, diretto da Paolo e Vittorio Taviani, che racconta la storia di due fratelli toscani artigiani emigrati in America. Fu l’autentico “colpo di fulmine” e così mi sono innamorata della cultura italiana e ho convinto i miei genitori a farmi partire per Firenze, che anche in Cina è considerata la culla del Rinascimento. LB- Rispetto alla tua educazione scolastica e culturale in Cina, quali sono le più evidenti differenze tra il Paese in...
    By: Milan Art & Events Center
  • Picture and Melody: An Exhibition About Women and Melody
    Picture and Melody: A Solo Painting Exhibition by Fariba Taheri Esnaashari Fariba Taheri, Iranian Painting artist new solo exhibition; Picture and Melody in Falahzadeh Art Gallery, focuses on women, like most of her works. As she wrote in her statement; her paintings are "the sprinkles of inner thoughts from a woman who has been living a very conservative life among people for years and now trying to evoke her feeling through images and colors." Living in Middle-East and facing all limitation for women in Iran, she made it her mission to talk about light for women.  In...
    By: Biafarin Inc.