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  • Gavin Wanganeen to exhibit in Hong Kong Art Show - Risino hosts the Asia Art Biennial Exhibition
    Australian company Risino is set to host the 3rd Asia-Pacific Art Biennial Exhibition and is proud to announce that it has signed legendary Australian AFL sportsman, and talented indigenous artist, Gavin Wanganeen to showcase his work at the event.   The Asian Art Biennial has been recognized as an important event in the art world since its inaugural exhibition in Hong Kong in 2015, where it received stirring support from artists right across Asia. For the first time since the exhibition's inception some of the most celebrated artists from across Australia, Europe and the United States...
    By: ART PR
  • Following Bran Symondson’s gun artwork being banned from entering the USA, ‘Context’ Art Miami is set to début his special AK-47 creation, ‘Deuces’
    HOFA Gallery is delighted to announce that a very special work by renowned artist, Bran Symondson, titled ‘Deuces’, is anticipated to become one of the main highlights of this year’s ‘Context’ Art Miami. Its inaugural debut will take place between 3 – 8 December at the grandest international contemporary art event on the annual calendar.  ‘Deuces’ was specially created in 2016 when 3 of Symondson’s AK-47 artworks were seized by Texas airport Customs officials and banned from entering the USA. Although they were made with fully decommissioned guns and carried the required...
    By: HOFA Gallery
  • Pop artist Olga Lomaka unveils her giant ice cream sculpture to kick off Russian Film Week
    Pop Artist, Olga Lomaka, unveils her giant ice cream sculpture to kick off Russian Film Week at The Exhibitionist Hotel.   Moscream is a tongue-in-cheek installation that combines the visual imagery of the iconic Russian dome of St Basil Cathedral in Moscow, with Russia’s favourite ice cream, through the language of Pop Art. The 2.5 metre ice cream will be installed above the hotel’s entrance, a stone’s throw away from the V&A, and available for the public to see.    "The scale and kitsch design are a reflection on the mass consumption of our era, whilst...
    By: TBurnsArts
  • Phillip Buehler Solo Exhibition of Photographs: “Mallrat to Snapchat: The End of the Third Place”
    Front Room Gallery presents: “Mallrat to Snapchat: The End of the Third Place” a solo exhibition of photographs by Phillip Buehler November 29th – January 12th Opening Reception: Friday, November 29th, 7-9 PM (with Black Friday Specials of course) Front Room Gallery is proud to present “Mallrat to Snapchat: The End of the Third Place,” recent work by photographer Phillip Buehler documenting the death of the Wayne Hills Mall in Wayne, New Jersey. This is Buehler’s second solo show at Front Room Gallery. Buehler’s exhibition is part...
    By: Front Room Gallery
  • Portraiture Meets Imagination
    Houston Carolyn Hancock wins top award Portraiture meets imagination The Pastel Society of Southeast Texas recently recognized the portrait art of Carolyn Hancock as being among the best in the nation. Renowned artist Jeannette Cuevas awarded First Place to Hancock’s painting No Voice. “The title defines women of the mid-1500’s, the Elizabethan age. They were not allowed an education, could not own property, and had no voice in the raising of their children. They were merely a wife and a mother,” states Hancock. But it is the complexity of the composition that persuaded the...
    By: Carolyn Hancock