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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
About: DOLPH is a not-for-profit visual arts project based in Streatham Hill, south London, run by two artists, Paul Cole and Natasha Kahn. We put on six exhibitions a year every alternate month....
Address: DOLPH, ASC Studios, 47c Streatham Hill, London SW2 4TS

- Events -

view Kate Owens
11/09/2017 to 11/19/2017
view Alice Wilson
09/14/2017 to 09/24/2017
view Barby Asante
06/01/2017 to 06/11/2017
view Paul McDevitt
03/16/2017 to 03/26/2017
view Jordan Baseman
11/17/2016 to 11/26/2016
Tasteless Restroom
view Phillip Allen
09/22/2016 to 10/01/2016
view Lana Locke
07/07/2016 to 07/16/2016
Map of Streatham
view Simon Callery
05/16/2016 to 05/29/2016
Downward with the mass of water. Collage
view Ambrosine Allen
03/10/2016 to 03/19/2016
view Hanaa Malallah
01/14/2016 to 01/23/2016
view Karl England
11/12/2015 to 11/21/2015
view The Directors
10/01/2015 to 10/10/2015