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Cloudier Days





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Sunday, 22 October 2023 to Saturday, 16 December 2023
Sunday, 10 December 2023 - 2:00pm

Cloudier Days

A solo show by Jeni Bate in the Spotlight Gallery at Chaffey Community Museum of Art.

As the world warms, more moisture evaporates into the atmosphere, creating more clouds, so we are experiencing more cloudy days.  Clouds can be the bringers of destructive floods, but more often of life giving rain for crops.  We have changed the atmosphere that we live in, and now everything must adapto to a warmer, wetter, cloudier sky.  The message in my work is to help people realize our place on this planet and perhaps to better appreciate and care for the sky that is our next, our every, and ultimately our final breath. 


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Jeni Bate lives in Imperial County California – though she grew up in Wales.  In childhood, she enjoyed painting skyscapes, but art gave way to academics.  In 2001; she had an epiphany: “Now, you have to paint!”   Jeni believes that her role as an artist is to make people think twice about the sky.  How it works, how we underappreciate and pollute it, and how it is ultimately, where we live.

She incorporates multiple skills into each painting - including writing poetry for and into them, one way to combine both sides of her creativity.  Her signature “refracturing” (cutting/ reassembling) technique, described as somewhere between third generation orphist and unclassifiable, presents the scene in the piecemeal way it would be observed. The term was recognized by the international collage magazine ‘Kolaj’ in 2016.

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217 S. Lemon Ave
Ontario, CA 91761

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Cloudier Days
10/22/2023 to 12/16/2023


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