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glacier mother iceberg child





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Friday, 12 April 2024 to Sunday, 7 July 2024

From the 12th of April to the 7th of July 2024, SEA Foundation presents glacier mother iceberg child, a series of thought provoking work-in-progress presentations by Dutch artist Sanne Kabalt. In the course of four stages Sanne will invite the audience to both observe and take part in reflecting on the notion of climate change and responsibility. Guided by her participation in The Arctic Circle, a 3-week residency on a ship sailing in the Svalbard archipelago together with researchers and artists, during which Kabalt was directly faced with nature in decline, so rapidly sped up by human existence. 

By openly sharing the vulnerability of both the artist's inner struggle to process the everyday ‘normal’ in Svalbard, as well as the vulnerability of our planet, Sanne draws connections between the wavering processes of nature and the shifting ways in which we adapt the meaning of climate change. 

Consequently, recognizing the importance of the many forms of process seen and brought about during and after her journey, SEA Foundation together with Sanne Kabalt have decided to reflect these shifts not just as an outcome but as a work-in-progress, shaped by the uncertainty of the mind and the planet. To realize this goal, the artist uses photographs and written texts and transforms their existing shapes, forms and combinations within the space of SEA foundation. 

Sanne Kabalt will be present to (re-)install her work on four Fridays: 12/04, 3/05, 24/05, 14/06. We invite you to take part in the pursuit of navigating through responsibility and climate change at SEA Foundation while she is installing as well as during our regular opening times: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 1-5 pm. 

About Sanne Kabalt

Sanne Kabalt (1989) is a Dutch visual artist working with photography, writing and installation. After her studies in photography at the Utrecht School of the Arts (2011) she obtained her MA degree from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem (2018). Sanne has published two books and two large format artist books, has exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions internationally in places, such as, Beautiful Distress House (Amsterdam), Württembergischer Kunstverein (Stuttgart), Razklon Gallery (Tsarino), Yellow Brick (Athens) and Lítost (Prague), and even writes poetry and fiction for literary magazines.

Sanne finds great meaning in the process through which she creates her work, and allows it to freely flow into new forms and meanings. As opposed to having a result already in mind before it takes shape, she lets the work guide itself. Sanne actively explores human and non-human relationships and delves into themes of mourning and loss, and our innate desire to ‘save’ people who are no longer present. 

The exhibition is part of the SEA Foundation’s research on art and sustainability, in which we currently organise activities in fold #10 on Responsibility. 

Exhibition dates: 12.04.2024 - 07.07.2024

Artist: Sanne Kabalt 

Venue: SEA Foundation, Tivolistraat 22, 5017HP Tilburg

Opening Hours: Thursday - Saturday, 1 - 5 pm

You can visit the exhibition during opening hours or by appointment. For the second option, please send an e-mail to or call +31(0)1354495.

About SEA Foundation
SEA Foundation is an independent, artist-led, residency-based venue for contemporary art. To fulfill our mission; To create awareness for contemporary art and to build cultural resilience, we act as a catalyst in the working lives of artists. In all our activities we are fuelled by visual arts. Transgressing the boundaries between disciplines and always putting the context and the idea before the medium. Through exchanges and working in different cultural contexts SEA Foundation is part of international networks, where we generate and take part in discussions on art and sustainability issues. SEA Foundation is financially supported by Tilburg municipality and Mondriaan Fonds.



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Stichting SEA Foundation,
Tivolistraat 22,
5017 HP Tilburg, The Netherlands

SEA Foundation , Tilburg

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