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Country: United States
City: New York
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 45 Lispenard Street, Unit 1W NYC 10013

- About -

The Untitled Space is an art gallery and creative hub for exhibits and events that cross over from contemporary art to fashion, film and music. Located on the cusp between Soho and Tribeca in New York City, the gallery features an ongoing curation of exhibits including our “Women in Art” series featuring contemporary female artists.
Recent exhibitions include “Allegories of The Held”, a solo show of works by artist Jennifer Caviola aka Cake, “Flora/Fauna” an exhibition of works by contemporary romantic painter Annika Connor, and “Human/Nature”, a group show of 20 artists featuring works revolving around environmental themes. Recent events include “SciConvo” a TEDX talk on Science and Culture.

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Sarah Maple
Dimension: 84.6 × 108.3 × 2 in
Menstruate with Pride
Sarah Maple
Dimension: 11.8 × 11.8 × 15.7 in
Go Home
Sarah Maple
Dimension: 11.6 × 10.6 × 0 in
We Want our Gun