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Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Category: Art Gallery
Address: Piper Building, Peterborough Rd, Fulham, London SW6 3EF

- About -

Plus One Gallery was founded in 2001 by Colin Petit and Maggie Bollaert. Originally situated in Seymour Place, Marylebone the gallery moved to Pimlico Road in 2006 and enjoyed 10 years in this iconic part of London. Plus One Gallery relocated to Battersea Reach in Summer 2016 to an ultra modern space, an exciting new venture that will accommodate and enhance the growth of the gallery.
The up and coming south side of the river and the new development itself complement the contemporary style of the art works we sell and the continuous developments we make in the modern world. Plus One Gallery is dedicated to the development and promotion of British and international contemporary hyperrealist art. The gallery maintains a high standard of painters and sculptors, representing a number of Masters within the field alongside an array of emerging artists. We aim to cater to each client’s individual specification. Holding around six exhibitions each year we run an innovative and eclectic exhibition programme. Plus One Gallery works alongside a variety of hyperrealist artists who specialise in many different areas of Hyperrealism such as, still life, cityscape, landscape and portrait. Through this wide range of styles and themes; whether you are looking for a colourful culinary still life or a perfect rendition of a vintage car, we have something for everybody. Take a look through our artist’s pages where we hope to inspire you. We pride ourselves on having specialist knowledge. Our accomplished team are incredibly passionate about our represented artists and are committed to providing them with the best possible platform to gain the recognition we believe they deserve. Plus One Gallery has published three books on the topic of Hyperrealism. April 2009 saw the launch of our book ‘Exactitude, Hyperrealist Art Today’ published by Thames and Hudson and Plus One Publishing. Written by John Russell Taylor and edited by Plus One Gallery director Maggie Bollaert the book celebrates the variety of subject and perspective in hyperrealist art today. The previous two books were “John Salt- The Complete works 1969-2006” and “Carl Laubin-Paintings” both published in 2007.

- Previous Artworks -

David Wheeler
Dimension: 160 × 160 × 160 cm
La chiesa di Ponte Naia
Pedro Campos
Dimension: 97 × 162 × 97 cm
Four Apples And A Tin
Craig Wylie
Dimension: 183 × 134.5 × 134.5 cm
EW (Hood)