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Country: United States
City: New York
Category: Art Gallery
Address: 59 Wooster Street, 2nd fl. New York, NY 10012

- About -

Owen James Gallery is a contemporary art gallery focusing on emerging and mid-career artists from an international perspective. Through intrepid research, exploration, and critical curation the gallery strives to present a balance of perspectives, methods and genders. The space aims to be a hub for the increasingly global scope of the contemporary art market, and to compare and contrast concurrent contexts, methods and narratives in art practices that span it. The gallery is a showcase for the interweaving histories of America, Asia and Europe, with a special focus on Southeast Asia.

- Previous Artworks -

Rachael Gorchov
Dimension: 44.5 × 38.5 × 22.5 in
Cloud Chair, Ncc with I. Noguchi
David Kramer
Dimension: 36 × 28 × 0.1 in
Warm After Glow
Larry Zox
Dimension: 25 × 0 × 37 in
Untitled, 1971