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Country: United States
City: New York
Category: Art Gallery
Address: Littlejohn Contemporary Art, Inc. 547 West 27 Street Second Floor New York, NY 10001

- About -

LITTLEJOHN CONTEMPORARY represents a diverse and compelling group of contemporary established mid-career artists. The gallery’s aesthetic presents a variety of genres, including abstraction and allegorical narrative, focusing primarily on painting, drawing, mixed media, and photography by national and international artists—several of whom Littlejohn has shown for over three decades. These artists stand out for their quality, uniqueness of vision and thought-provoking contributions to the contemporary art world.
Established in Soho in 1984, Littlejohn Contemporary relocated to NY's Fuller Building on 57th Street where it remained for thirteen years. Our current Chelsea location continues to maintain an extensive inventory by gallery artists as well as internationally-known secondary market artworks. In addition to our NYC location, the gallery expanded its territory to include Northern Westchester where Tracy Fauver, Jacquie Littlejohn's sister, keeps a rotating inventory by select gallery artists to show clients in her area. Based in Bedford, New York, Tracy has a background in fine arts and photography. She spent sixteen years at Ralph Lauren Home in product development, marketing and international licensing, so sees this collaboration as a way to marry her interest in art and interiors. Please call Tracy at 914-471-6980 to make an appointment at her Bedford NY location.

- Previous Artworks -

Kiki Smith
Dimension: 11 × 8 × 1 in
Maggie Taylor
Dimension: 30 × 0 × 30 in
Through the Looking Glass and Other Stories
Lily Prince
Dimension: 60 × 0 × 70 in
San Giovanni d'Asso 47