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Saturday, 30 September 2023
Saturday, 30 September 2023 - 5:00pm

The 18th Street Arts Center Airport Campus artists-in-residence are excited to introduce "Art At The Airport," Open House. Come stroll artists’ studios and The Slipstream Galleries inside a historic airplane hangar adjacent to Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport.

More than 20 seasoned artists and 3 contemporary art galleries converge under one expansive roof. These engaging gatherings offer an exceptional opportunity to explore the artists’ creative processes with the convenience of complimentary parking.

"Art at the Airport" takes pride in showcasing a diverse and eclectic roster of artists, each expressing their unique visions through a wide array of mediums. Alexandra Dillon's whimsical portraits on paint brushes have earned international acclaim, with a substantial following on Instagram. Meanwhile, founder Rebecca Youssef's art revolves around sustainability and environmental consciousness, as evident in her abstract collages meticulously assembled on repurposed cardboard and discarded paper bags. Drawing inspiration from her reforestation endeavors in the Santa Monica Mountains, Youssef's creations grace numerous private and corporate collections. Iranian-born artist Sheila Karbassian uses vibrantly colored collages to illuminate her Iranian-American identity. An active advocate for women's rights through the #WomenLifeFreedom movement, she infuses her work with cultural significance. Ara Oshagan, a multi-faceted artist traversing books, film, and photography, delves into the personal and collective history of the Armenian diaspora.


Te significance of "Art at the Airport" transcends mere aesthetic appreciation; these events serve as a vital conduit for connecting the local community with these talented artists and their studios. By extending invitations to visitors to step inside the inner sanctums of professional art studios, fostering personal interactions with the artists, and facilitating the direct acquisition of their creations, these events offer an unparalleled and intimate encounter for art aficionados.

“Art At The Airport” is made possible by the Art of Recovery Grant, an initiative by Santa Monica Cultural Affairs. For more information on future “Art At The Airport” events visit




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3026 Airport Ave, Santa Monica CA 90405


Emily Wiseman Studio , Santa Rosa

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