Adel Gorgy – "Abstracting Art … A Way of Seeing"

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Monday, 26 February 2018 to Sunday, 29 April 2018
Friday, 20 April 2018 -
4:00pm to 7:00pm

Adel Gorgy's solo exhibition, Abstracting Art … A Way of Seeing, in Kellenberg Gallery at Molloy College from February 26th to April 29th, presents a large selection of works by the internationally
exhibited Long Island artist. Gorgy's work has been shown in museums and galleries in Manhattan, the Hamptons, and across the US, as well as in France, England, Italy, Singapore and Seoul. This is Gorgy's eighth one-man exhibition. It offers a chance to view 16 of his recent, large scale, innovative photographic works of art.

Gorgy's subject in these pieces is art, itself. For years, the artist has worked on images that blur the lines between photography and painting. "In art," Gorgy said, "we abstracted the figure, landscapes, nature, and even concepts. I thought, 'why not art?' In these works, I push the boundaries of photography, giving the viewer a new way of seeing artworks in an unfamiliar way."
Just as one might take the words of a poem and use them to build a new poem, Gorgy photographs renowned artworks and deconstructs them into what he calls "a visual alphabet of lines,
colors and forms." Then he reconstructs new visual phrases that he combines into an abstract, never-before-seen artwork with a new composition and meaning. Gorgy's artwork transcends the limitations of realism and invites the viewer to experience art with new eyes. "The final reality of an artwork rests with the viewer, and yet for the artist, his vision and his concept are unscathed," Gorgy states. "They are different journeys, whose paths may or may not cross, but neither is more or less true than the other."

Adel Gorgy is represented by Able Fine Art Gallery in New York and Seoul, South Korea. The Molloy College has a long history of exhibiting the work of acclaimed artists and engaging
students, faculty and community with contemporary art. The public is invited to the reception on April 20th. The gallery is free and open to the public from 9am-8pm Mon-Fri. The facility is handicapped accessible.

Title: Deception ... Traces of Pollock
Artist: Adel Gorgy
Dimension: 60 × 1 × 40 in

Title: Marilyn...Persona Traces of Warhol
Artist: Adel Gorgy
Dimension: 40 × 1 × 30 in

Title: Meeting de Kooning Again ... Traces of de Kooning
Artist: Adel Gorgy
Dimension: 60 × 1 × 40 in

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Adel Gorgy's fine art photography has been exhibited in the US and internationally in museums and galleries.

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1000 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, NY 11571

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