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Exquisite Corpses

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Saturday, 15 July 2017 to Friday, 18 August 2017
Saturday, 15 July 2017 -
6:00pm to 9:00pm


The Downtown Art Center (DAC) Gallery is pleased to present Exquisite Corpses, a group exhibition showcasing painting, mixed media, and printmaking works illustrating sections of the body (heads, torsos, legs) collectively assembled to form unanticipated figures.

Originally enjoyed as a parlor game by French Surrealists, Exquisite Corpse is a collaborative artistic process that celebrates the unexpected. Players would write on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal all but the last few words, and then pass it to the next player for further contribution. A visual adaptation evolved using graphic compositions in place of written ones. 

In this current iteration, artists and instructors from ECF Art Centers across Los Angeles were invited to collaborate by creating 18” x 24” inch panels depicting a portion of a human, animal, machine, and/or hybrid creature. These unique and unpredictably kinetic creations were arranged­ in a deceptively deliberate manner, creating new and unique forms. Exquisite Corpses was curated by ECF Program Supervisor Crystal Roethlisberger, who along with her colleagues mentor adult artists with developmental disabilities at four fine art studios across L.A. operated by the Exceptional Children’s Foundation.


Artist ( Description ): 

Exhibiting Artists: Jesus Alejandro, Angelica Alvarado, Maria Alvarado, Jamie Arenas, Matthew Beal, Thomas Birdsong, Tiffiny Boyd, Tony Brown, Sebastian Campos, Sandy Chale, Kachi Chinwah, Heon Choi, Mycah Christian-Mays, Nelson Cobian, Milton Davis, Alejandro Diaz, Heidi Dong, Cyril Elvina, Natalie Farah, Shauna Foley, Wendell Frank, James Garcia, Shaka Gaston, Don Gibbs, Joemar Grant, Shinobu Hatanaka, Jose Hernandez, Anthony Higgins, Stephen Hollyfield, Daisy Hunt, Sheryll Jackson, Antwan Jones, Eugene Lee, Koun Lee, Bo Lim, Sung Lim, Jameel Linzy, Jennifer Little, Angelica Luna, Monique Mack, Vickie Maye, Paolo Miranda, Aljosha Owens, Natasha Palmer, Young Mi Park, Leslie Paul, Larry Pearsall, Juan Pierri, Victor Prieto, Odalia Ramirez, Trent Richards, Jamison Rizzo, Cesar Rodriguez, Diana Rodriguez, James Rosenblum, Blake Roten, Brenda Santiago, Armando Saucedo, Marilyn Schmidt, Thomas Sedgewick, Brandon Takata, Vickie Uyeda, Danny Vargas, Jussi Wayne, Clifford Williams, Mark Williams, Veria Williams, Sarah Woo, Christina Yoo, James Young, Jennifer Young, Jose Zamora

Other Info: 

Details: Free to attend; light refreshments served; parking available at meters and pay lots (see posted signs for details). Please note that DAC Gallery does not validate parking

Venue ( Address ): 

DAC Gallery

431 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90013

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