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2023 - FlashPoint: Group Exhibition



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$125 to

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Thursday, 2 November 2023 to Thursday, 30 November 2023
Thursday, 2 November 2023 - 6:30pm

Photography provides many things; proof that something happened, the ability to capture a moment or memories, or as a means of communication. For this photography exhibition we invited artists around the globe to submit artworks that would excite and inspire. We challenged artists to share works that were interesting, artistic and awe-inspiring. Works in this exhibition show ingenuity, talent, heart, and perception.

Works selected include a wide variety of photography mediums including iphone, Polaroid, digital and traditional photography. Subjects include Abstract, Architectural, Botanical, Cityscapes, Black and White, Landscapes, Livestock, Narrative, Seascape, Still Life, Portraiture, and Wildlife.

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Artists Include: 35MAAR , Cherrie Anderson, Avelin Armand, Pamela Beck, Petra Bernstein, Shirley Birosik, Katarina Bishop, Ken Bittancourt, Twyla Bohrer, Diana Chase, Kara Coleman, Margo Kessler Cook, Justine Crowley, Angela  Ruth Dagostino, Kylee Dayne, Rengin Dogal, Matt Dusig, Christopher Fowler, Norman Gabitzsch, Richard F Gaston, Diane George, Ted A Gillespie, Malcolm Glass, Kylo-Patrick Hart, Katrina Haugsby, HENENI, David Hucker, Tonia Indigo Hughes, Gigi Janko, James Keay-Bright, Kim Keller, Elliott Kluever, Ken Konchel, Elisabeth Ladwig, Andrea London, Courtney Matthews, Jackie Miles, Caleb Miranda, Vanessa Murray, Aly Nardozzi, Donal O'Sullivan, Maedeh Ojaghloo, Claudia Patrick, Huy Trung Pham , John Potter, Cheryl Price, Judy Quitoriano, Emma Relota, Lynne Roberto, Karen Safer, Sherri Scott Studios, Richard Stevens, Timothy Tobin, Aphrodite Vairaktaris, Stephanie Vlahov, Milan Von Brunn, Cynthia M. Warren, Marilyn Wenker, Lisa Whitlock, Matthew Wierzbowski, Andrew Wohl, Marjorie Wood Hamlin

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Located on Coast Highway at Laguna Village at The Cliffs; Las Laguna Art Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery that features art from a diverse group of artists representing a variety of mediums.

Las Laguna Art Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary art and visual culture – regionally, nationally and internationally – through unique collaborations between artists, students and the community.

We make it a point to intentionally curate artwork that is interesting and engaging to the art collector and the art lover.

Quickly becoming one of the premier contemporary and fine art galleries in Laguna Beach, California; Las Laguna Gallery is dedicated to the exploration and engagement of contemporary and fine art visual culture – regionally, nationally and internationally; through unique collaborations between artists, students and the community.

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577 S. Coast Highway A-1 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Las Laguna Art Gallery , Laguna Beach

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