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“SPLINTER” A Drive-Thru Art Show by TEX HAMMOND

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Saturday, 15 August 2020


August 15, 2020 | 4pm - 7pm


Email tex@texhammond.com for free entry.


1121 Seward St. Los Angeles, CA 90038

Art lovers all over the country are trying to find ways to experience culture as social distancing mandates keep brick n’ mortar galleries closed. Fortunately, Los Angeles and its car-centric culture are well-poised to get Agelenos out of the house and still keep them safe. On August 15, Titmouse Animation Studios will transform its giant parking lot into a drive-thru art showcase by 13 year old Tex Hammond. Splinter will feature 20 new large-scale conceptual portraits made on reclaimed wood, laid out in an immersive, guided-audio art experience. Hammond will be doing live art throughout the day and finish a massive new mural by the time the day is over. Proceeds will benefit Black Voters Matter, dedicated to restoring and safeguarding democracy for African Americans. Splinter will be open on August 15 from 4 to 7pm. Entry is FREE with RSVP. Email tex@texhammond.com to confirm your attendance and be prepared to show digital confirmation prior to entry.

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Tex Hammond was born Jefferson Texas Hammond on January 31, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. The 13-year-old has been painting since he was a young child showing a love and understanding of art from a very early age. His work is inspired by various media from graffiti to video games to music to abstract art. In 2019, Hammond’s first show “Portrait of an Artist” showed the clear vision and promise of this talented young creator. His second show, “Mouth”, took place in January 2020 and was the beginning of his experimentation with painting on found objects. The show, hosted at The Substrate Gallery in Los Angeles, also helped raise money for charity. Tex makes philanthropy a central part of his mission as an artist. He donates a portion of all proceeds raised from his art and online custom clothing designs to various children’s charities. Tex gave 100% of his customs painted handbag sales to Miles 4 Migrants to help refugee children reunite with their parents in detention just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Hammond is a young and new name in the art world but his unique perspective and willingness to experiment with different media is truly setting him apart. His style is continuing to define itself as it offers a glimpse of the frenetic energy shaping the artist’s perspective as he matures in this chaotic world. Visit www.texhammond.com to learn more.

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Titmouse is an independent award-winning animation production company, equipped with everything it takes to make cartoons from start to finish. Projects of any scale are produced at one of three studio locations in Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver. Titmouse employs over 700 of the most talented people in the industry (that are guaranteed 100% human). Writers, producers, directors, storyboard artists, animators, compositors and editors all work in-house. The company’s state‐of‐the‐art sound studio is where many of their original TV shows, films, commercial work, branded and digital content are recorded. The studio even has very fancy edit bays where their very fancy editors put the finishing touches on very fancy cartoons. Titmouse founders Chris and Shannon Prynoski opened a T‐shirt company in the year 2000 and named it Titmouse after Chris’ favorite Northeastern‐American bird species, but soon restructured the business to focus more on high‐quality film and television animation production. The Prynoskis made this courageous business decision for no reason other than the fact that they could (and because nobody was buying their T‐shirts, but television and film studios kept giving them money to make cartoons).

Visit titmouse.net to learn more.

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1121 Seward St. Los Angeles, CA 90038

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