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AmIaDancer: 6 week workshop for non-professional dancers



Saturday, 7 January 2017 to Saturday, 18 March 2017


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£50 for 6 week workshop

Workshop for non-professional dancers

7th of January, 2017, bi weekly, Saturdays, 11.45am to 2.15pm

13th of January, 2017, bi weekly, Fridays, 6.45pm - 9.15pm

Location Bethnal Green

Am I a Dancer

Am I a Dancer Workshop for non-professional dancers

Our purpose.

This course has been adapted for the use of dancers outside the professional industry. With focus on the untrained in dance and movement we would like to investigate all of you whom enjoy dancing whilst documenting the process of movement in practice. The 6 weeks will consist of various workshops covering a variety of discussions, guests, movement sessions and creative practice. As well as being documented there will also be a final performance for the purpose of film and stage. (This is optional)

Join the workshop to be inspired, challenged and have a space for self-exploration through movement. As part of the process these workshops going to be documented/filmed and presented as a final product for the benefit of our students. Your input here is optional.

Artist ( Description ): 

We invite various dance artists, dancers, movement practitioners, theatre directors, somatic practice educators and much more in order to provide as many different practitioners as possible. The idea is to learn, investigate various styles, practices, techniques and methods which help us to create our personal dance/movement choreography. Our students aren't dance professionals which allows them to have a complete freedom to use the space in order to unleash their creativity and have fun whilst dancing and moving. 

Venue ( Address ): 

We based in Tower Hamlets, our venues are based at Oxford House or The Rag Factory in Bethnal Green

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01/07/2017 to 03/18/2017

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