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Neon Gallery Launches ‘Mythologies: Contemporary Art as a Modern Myth Creator’



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Monday, 17 May 2021 to Monday, 21 June 2021
Thursday, 20 May 2021 - 6:00pm to 9:30pm

Neon Gallery today announces the forthcoming launch of Mythologies: Contemporary Art as a Modern Myth Creator, their highly anticipated group art exhibition at The Koppel Project Exchange in Piccadilly, London, on 17th May 2021. The five-week exhibition will present a selection of works by established and emerging contemporary artists who share a desire to change perceptions of artistic expression and mediums while delivering potent critiques of the status quo through their works. Mythologies is designed to be as much a cultural experience as an artistic one, an innovative twist sure to excite fans of contemporary art.

Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos and Christopher Shake, the creators of the show and the duo at the helm of Neon Gallery, promise a dynamic and thought-provoking exhibition that will explore the parallel myths, narratives and stories that art so powerfully communicates to its audience. Featuring a broad mix of paintings, sculptures and performative works, Tsivrikos and Shake are curating a show that will highlight the vitality and diversity of contemporary art.

“As spectators we often view art a single-layered narrative or artist’s expression with a distinct tone and volume,” said Dr Tsivrikos. “With Mythologies, our goal is to curate a collection that invites visitors to discover layers of meaning that contribute to a broader exploration of art’s capacity to simultaneously incite both aesthetic and cultural critiques.”

In addition to drawing on the exceptional talents of Neon Gallery’s portfolio of established artists, this illuminating show will also introduce a number of exciting new artists who the gallery has recently signed.

And Neon Gallery will also be announcing the winner of its first annual Neon Gallery Emerging Artist Award, presented to a rising artist selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants from across the globe who submitted their work over the past few months.

Mythologies will include a number of highly regarded works by artist Rachel Libeskind, who has created a body of work that intelligently marries historical and contemporary notions of identity, gender, re-appropriation and reproduction, creating a dynamic where social commentary and materiality exist side-by-side. Works by Piers Alsop constantly probe at the concept of truth, questioning both religion and art, both of which create frameworks for doubt as well as faith, a perspective that will undoubtedly contribute to the show’s curatorial mission. Within this framework of exploring various layers of how as an audience we perceive and appreciate art, works by Corey Lamb encourage audiences to explore the link between existentialism and erotism while using archetypal forms and figures. Corey Lamb is one of the latest recruits to Neon Gallery, who are certain that UK audiences will join in the appreciation his work is receiving across both North America and Europe. 

Mythologies will also introduce London audiences to artist Fernanda Galvão, whose work explores fiction, in both literary and cinematographic terms, as one of the starting points for her installations and paintings. The gallery is also privileged to showcase works by Josh Rowell with their none-too-subtle commentary on politics and social media. His work will add another important dimension to the show as it draws parallels to the ever-evolving myths and narratives created by social media, technology and contemporary arts.

The show will also include works by award-winning artist Svetlana Bogatcheva, whose intricate abstract sculptures and canvases are made with post post-consumer and post-industrial materials. Her work focuses the audience’s attention to issues of artistic expression and sustainability, and ways in which the two can peacefully co-exist. In similar fashion, the works of Aubrey Higgin add a sculptural tension to scenes of landscapes that have been rendered through a lens of contemporary art mediums, providing insights into ways in which nature can be perceived as one of the world’s greatest myth creators.

Rounding out the slate of newcomers featured at Mythologies is the outstanding artist Simona Sharafudinov, whose works combine video, performance, drawing, painting, sculpture and sound to create images which focus on exiled and displaced identities in a hyper-connected world. Finally, works by Alexandra Searle and Eve de Hann, with their courageous embrace of materiality and literal motion through various media, bring the concept of mythologies full circle while adding a multisensory dimension to the exhibition.

The show will also be highlighted by works of two seasoned and globally acclaimed artists: Gary Komarin and Johan van Mullem. Komarin is a prolific risk-taker in contemporary painterly abstraction. His stalwart images have an epic quality that grip the viewer with the idea that he or she is looking at a contemporary description of something mythic and timeless. And the works of the esteemed Johan van Mullem bring viewers behind the mask, directly into sight of the hidden forces within, providing a physical figure to the unseeable electric forces such as emotions, thoughts, feelings and desires that vigorously drive individuals as well as societies.

Neon Gallery’s Mythologies exhibition will run from 17th May – 21st June 2021 at The Koppel Project Exchange, Piccadilly, London. We are offering private press previews on May 19th from 11 am – 5 pm and May 20th from 11 am – 5 pm and our launch night commences at 6 pm (on May 20th).  To ensure compliance with government's Covid-19 guidelines, press previews are by appointment and guest attendance is strictly by RSVP. Please contact to make your reservation today.

+44 7870 163043
Venue ( Address ): 

The Koppel Project Exchange, 193 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EU

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