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Neon Gallery presents new exhibition Life Found on the Moon by Hugo Lami



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Tuesday, 12 October 2021 to Sunday, 17 October 2021

Neon Art Gallery proudly announces the forthcoming launch of 'Life Found on the Moon,' the gallery’s highly anticipated solo show spotlighting the work of their award-winning artist, Hugo Lami. The show will take place in central London at 54-56 Oxford Street from 12 – 17 October, during the Frieze London art festival. The gallery will be hosting a launch event on the evening of 12 October from 6pm – 10pm, and the show will be open to the public starting from the 13 of October.

This unmissable solo show will provide a unique opportunity for collectors to explore and engage with Lami’s latest outstanding works in a visually arresting environment. The acclaimed artist’s vibrant, thought-provoking works centre on ideas of progress, challenging us to confront and re-examine the symbols and signs that compose our technological and cultural evolution and that have, in fact, replaced actual reality. Lami’s dynamic practice invites us to consider the idea that by going to space, we have the unique opportunity to return and re-cultivate life on Earth, much like the first generations of Homo Sapiens; that the very act of exploring the farthest reaches of the universe could lead us to refresh and reset the meaning of life on our own planet.

Throughout the exhibition, Lami’s bold works dwell in a world where old and new, fake and real, artificial and natural meet in a fantastical and surreal melange of myth, science fiction and pop culture, daring us to reimagine the reality of the micro and macrocosmos in which we live.

The multi-faceted show will also feature a thrilling live performance titled ‘Astronaughties in the Garden,’ a performance designed to activate the myths and stories that inspire Lami’s paintings and bring to life the paradox of technological evolution on a planet still bound by ancient techniques and traditions.

‘Life Found on the Moon’ expresses an outlook that is, ultimately, aspirational: celebrating the human spirit’s vigorous drive to reach for the stars, while acknowledging that this very act of striving forward provides a valuable opportunity for reflection and growth. As ManuelLobo Antunes, the Ambassador of Portugal, states, "Hugo Lami´s works are, in a word, fundamentally modern. A display of colour, humour and deep irony about the human condition in our strange times. Above all they remind us of the complexity of the world we now live in. The centrality is no longer the human being as such, but the gigantic setting into which our planet has been transformed. We are not authors of our destiny anymore, but simple actors. We lost control of reality. This is, I think, the main message of Hugo´s art.”

Hugo Lami earned a Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art and a Degree in Painting from the Lisbon Fine Arts Academy. Lami has been exhibiting in galleries and institutional spaces across Europe since 2014. He was awarded the Public’s Choice Award at VIA Arts Prize, London, 2019, and made his first public sculpture in 2018 in Ermioni, Greece. In 2020 he was an Artist in Residence at the Muse at 269 in London and worked on a commission for the organisation Sustainability First.

It is important to note that support for this show has been provided by the Portuguese Embassy, one of the first cultural bodies to recognise and showcase Hugo Lami’s work and artistic practice and without whom this incredible exhibition and performance would have not been possible.

Neon Gallery is offering early access private press previews of ‘Life Found on the Moon’ at 54-56 Oxford Street, London, W1D 5BQ.To ensure compliance with government's Covid-19 guidelines, press previews are by appointment only. Please contact to make your reservation today.



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54 - 56 Oxford Street



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