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Lockdowns & Landscapes



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Monday, 29 November 2021 to Saturday, 11 December 2021
Thursday, 2 December 2021 - 6:00pm


Artist William Jefferies is holding his first solo show at Hornsey Library, displaying a series of landscapes from his travels to rural Japan back in 2017, alongside depictions of interior and exterior spaces back at his home in South Tottenham and East Anglia. The exhibition highlights the juxtaposition of freedom of travel with the subsequent lockdowns and focus on our immediate surroundings.

The exhibition will consist of 28 artworks; paintings and drawings that range from traditional painting on canvas to architectural drafting and projection using ink and coloured pencil on paper. All work will be for sale.

“The exhibition 'Lockdowns & Landscapes' at Hornsey Library is the first showing of my work on returning from a travel sabbatical in 2017. During my time away I found making art again a great way to look at and record my surroundings. A watercolour or drawing could capture more of the essence of a place than the simple reportage of photography. Making art now in South Tottenham and East Anglia, the exhibition explores the landscapes of interior and exterior spaces and the contrasts between the ‘natural' and the ‘made’. The work tries to reveal the essence and contradictions within these environments to show them in a new way to the viewer.” 

During the exhibition Jeffries will be leading a talk and walk through of his work on Saturday 4 December at 2pm. No booking required and all welcome.

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William Jefferies is an artist, architect and design tutor working in London, Suffolk and Norwich. His art practice investigates the expansive spaces of urban and rural landscapes and the restrictions of domestic architectural interiors. He takes inspiration from the landscape paintings of Richard Diebenkorn and drawings of Léon Spillaert.

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Earlier this year, Jefferies was involved in the Shutter Gallery Project in Haringey and designed an artwork for a shop’s shutters. The work can be seen by night at Capital Tyres, when the shutters are down and references the wildlife of the nearby Walthamstow Wetlands.

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The Original Gallery

Hornsey Library

Haringey Park

London N8 9JA

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Lockdowns & Landscapes
11/29/2021 to 12/11/2021

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