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'American English' by Luke Chueh - Private View with Artist in Attendance




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Saturday, 11 May 2024
Saturday, 11 May 2024 - 4:00pm

DCG London is delighted to unveil ‘American English’ the latest solo exhibition by the consummate Luke Chueh, set for a collectors and press preview on Friday, May 11, at our UK premises at 35 Connaught Street.

Comprising thirteen new acrylic on board paintings, this poignant series ventures into the realm of identity, mapped and molded by our choices and experiences, shaped by personal taste. With his signature layered irony bedded in profound sensitivity, Chueh, in an ironic nod to our culinary preferences, resonates with the timeless latin adage, "we are what we eat." The selection extends beyond the palate, encapsulating our life's expectations, the quest for adventure, the soul of our travels, and the essence of what we assimilate and carry home.

Chinese-American, raised in Fresno, and a stalwart in the Los Angeles art scene since 2003, Chueh is celebrated by international collectors for his distinctive pop narratives tinged with a slight flavor of melancholy. "American English" marks a notable progression in Chueh's artistic inquiry into identity—a narrative spun from the daily act of dining, a ritual that lays bare the intricate details of personality, as intimate as it is universally shared.

Chueh's exhibition features his signature anthropomorphic figures immersed in the act of eating. These characters, stripped to stark minimalism against backdrops awash with vibrant hues, render a discourse on how our culinary choices reflect and define our complex identities. Whether it is the quintessentially American breakfast or the ceremonial tea, these works, in their narrative simplicity, stir a conversation about the assimilation of diverse cultural practices into the American and international tapestry.

Crafted with care, the characters in Chueh's scenes, though lacking intricate features, are imbued with deep emotional resonance. Set against backgrounds that slice through the canvas with color, the subjects are spotlighted in an almost theatrical luminescence. Chueh's blend of endearing charm and pathos forges a tension that vibrates with the internal existential battle, casting light upon the darker facets of the human condition.

Luke Chueh's new works transcend a simple observation of ourselves—they provoke questioning, cleaving open an introspective journey that speaks of internal conflicts, and captures both desires and triumphs. Food emerges as a theme that is as much about gratification as it is about comfort and solace, a celebration of friendship as well as a selfish and cynical desire. Through the lens of sustenance, we perceive the nurturing affection in the care for others as much as the egoistic and cruel act of consuming other creatures for our survival.

His paintings, some blurred as if shrouded in mist, others crisply monochromatic or richly textured, consistently carry the hallmark of his wintery ambiance. This stylistic choice is a metaphor for overcoming, a sense of emerging from an inner tempest to face the world anew.

Join us at DCG London for this compelling journey through Chueh's eyes, to discover a narrative of  introspection and identity, exploring the core of what makes us human.


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35 Connaught Street, W2 2AZ, London

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