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'London is a Forest', a major new permanent public art installation by Acrylicize in the heart of Soho, London




Wednesday, 24 January 2024

Acrylicize, the visionary design studio known for pushing creative boundaries, announces their much-anticipated latest installation, "London is a Forest," in the beating-heart of Soho. The giant steel, permanent public artwork seamlessly blends art, nature, and technology redefining the visual landscape of Soho.

Commissioned by Landsec, owners of the Lucent building, Acrylicize were asked to create a site-specific artwork that could provide a sense of placemaking and cultural character, whilst delivering on the need for the building to be experienced as an ‘oasis of calm’ in the busy city centre.

‘London is a Forest’ marks the connection between the Capital’s official status as a forest, with 8.4 million trees, and the digital network embedded within the heart of the city. The intricate steel branches symbolise the connection to natural rhythms within the city, embodying the London’s network of technology and data, prompting viewers to reflect on their place within the cityscape. It is this complex dichotomy between technology and nature which underpins the artwork – instead of opposing each other they work together to create an organic form that feels alive.

The artwork gracefully 'floats' above the critically acclaimed Devonshire pub, appearing as light as a feather drifting in the breeze – yet dominating the north-west wall of the new Lucent Building. Spanning an impressive 7m x 11m x 2.5m and coated in a white ceramic material, the branches interact with the space and adjacent walls, creating a dynamic interplay between nature and technology.

"'London is a Forest' acts as a metaphor for the convergence of the city's digital and natural networks, which are becoming intertwined into a singular symbiotic system."

"We utilised algorithmic particle systems to emulate organic fractal growth, creating the intricate natural branch systems on an architectural scale, in order to determine the fundamental form of the sculpture. This helped us to transcend traditional design and aesthetic decision-making processes and brings humans and machines into creative collaboration." explains Sean Bendall-Whittaker, Design, and Innovation Lead at Acrylicize.

By utilising algorithmic particle systems, Acrylicize has achieved organic fractal growth on an architectural scale, resulting in an authentic representation of natural forms.

"The work encourages us to contemplate the complexities of our interconnected existence within the natural world, reminding us that nature's subtle elegance can still be found amidst the intensity of a hyper-connected city," James Burke, Founder and Global Creative Director at Acrylicize.

The outcome is an architectural synthesis of fractal forms that cleverly interact with the space, harmonising with both the environment and the organic patterns of growth.  Acrylicize hopes that 'London is a Forest' offers passers-by a moment to pause and reflect on their relationship with nature and technology, and their sense of place within the built environment.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Acrylicize is a London-based multidisciplinary studio comprised of artists, designers, creatives, and craftsmen. They specialize in creating bespoke artworks, installations, and schemes for global clients, using art as a vehicle for storytelling and brand expression. Their work celebrates culture and identity, supporting the arts at both a global and local scale.

Other Info: 

1. Photographer credit is: Nikhilesh Haval

2. Material used for sculpture: CHS Steel

3. Link to web case study:

4. Link to Landsec website:

5.Link to behind-the-scenes tests with particle systems


Venue ( Address ): 

1 Sherwood St, London W1D 7HR


'London is a Forest', a major new permanent public art installation by Acrylicize in the heart of Soho, London
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