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Lee Maelee - Genesis




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Tuesday, 19 April 2022 to Tuesday, 28 June 2022
Tuesday, 19 April 2022 - 6:00pm

 Maelee Lee


Curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos

19.04.2022 > 28.06.2022  

Galleria San Polo, San Polo 387, 30125, Venezia (VE).

Opening: 19th April h. 6 pm 

Live performance by Lee  h. 7 pm  

Galleria San Polo is pleased to present the exhibition Genesis, by South Korean artist Lee Maelee (1963, Republic of Korea), curated by the Asian art’s specialist and internationally known curator, based in New York, Thalia Vrachopoulos, which will open on Tuesday 19 April at 18.00- with a live performance of the artist at 19.00- until 28 June 2022.

Genesis was born from Lee's artistic research, focused on the deeper issues concerning the human being and history and everything related to existence and being and wants to represent a medium between the past, the present and the future.

The exhibition collects a set of thirty-six paintings, made by transcribing in 24k gold dust phrases from the Genesis of the Bible and other non-Christian religious sources, as the Buddhist Diamond Sutra, translated into different languages ​​such as Latin, Greek, Hebrew, English and Korean.

The installation also includes a sound component, consisting of recorded voices that recite pieces of texts from traditions of different countries, the fusion of painting, word and voice creates an immersive and synaesthetic experience, thanks to which the visitor, following the arrangement circular paintings along the walls, also experiences the circumambulation linked to the Buddhist ritual of going around the pagoda.

Genesis has the intent to investigate human existence in continuous evolution and the endless cycle of birth and death to which everything must undergo. The texts that the artist transcribes can be assimilated to a sort of vehicle of collective memory, to transmit the past to posterity.

Lee Maelee, tackles issues related to existence, being and becoming, to the point of expanding his research to the theme of the origin of Man, with a great creative inspiration.



by Lee Mae Lee 

19.04.2022 > 28.06.2022


Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos 


19 April 2022 h. 18

With live performance by the Artist  


Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni, Rialto, San Polo 387 – Venice 


From Tuesday to Sunday from 11 to 18



FG Comunicazione – Venezia 

Cristina Gatti 


Artist ( Description ): 

Maelee Lee - Biography

Born 1963, Gangjin, Republic of Korea. Lives and works in Gwang-ju (South Korea). 


Education & Residencies:

2014. Visiting Artist Program' (Siena Art Institute-Siena, Italy)

2008             Ph.D. in Fine Arts, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea

1996             MFA, Chosun University, Gwangju, South Korea

1986             BFA, Mokpo National University, Mokpo, South Korea


Solo Exhibitions: 2021-2011


2021   Poetry Delivery 2021 :PYO Gallery, Seoul , South Korea

2020   Poetry Delivery 2020 :The Muan Seungwoo oh Museum of Art, Muan, South Korea

Poetry Delivery 2020 :Sinsege gallery

2019   The Cantos’s Space, Woojaegill Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea

2017   Poetry Delivery 2017 : Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea

Mae-lee Lee : The Next Step, Elga Wimmer PCC, New York, USA

2016   Mae-lee Lee : Expanding the Paradigm, Dononopoulos International Fine Arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

2015   Mae-lee Lee : Walking the Truth, Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete, Crete, Greece

2014   Mae-lee Lee : On the Road to Wisdom, National Assembly Member’s Office Building 3F Public Space, 

Seoul, South Korea 

       Mae-lee Lee : Open Studio, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italia

2013   Mae-lee Lee : Portraits of shoe-Where do we come from and where are we heading to?, Media  

Cube 338,Gwangju, South Korea

            Mae-lee Lee : Portraits of shoe, Eunam Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea

2012   Mae-lee Lee : Re-birth, Eunam Museum of Art, Gwangju, South Korea

2011   Mae-lee Lee : Infinite Space, Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA

       Mae-lee Lee : Dawn and Space, FEI Gallery, Guangzhou, China 

       Mae-lee Lee ; 2011 National Gwangju Museum and Contemporary Art, National Gwangju Museum, Gwangju, South Korea 

+39 338 6950929
Venue ( Address ): 

Ruga Vecchia San Giovanni, Rialto, San Polo 387 – Venice

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