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Friday, 2 November 2018 to Sunday, 11 November 2018
Friday, 2 November 2018 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm

paranoia is a show by berlin based artist maansi jain presented in the kiez-y watering hole and pub das Gift’s Giftraum (which translates to p o i s o n room speaking of reasons 2 be nervous.) the interactive installation explores how an individual is implicated in communally held fears.

the viewer must enter the gallery under a hot light through a narrow hallway; overhead a robotic and a human voice alternate in a blaring sound installation—encouraging vigilance against pickpockets as one enters the exhibition space.

in the middle of the room is an unspoken invitation* to touch and contribute to a blank square of indian burlap on stretcher bars with various red hues of paint, a visual nod to joseph albers’ homage to the square in red, and the artist’s missing period. the painting acts as a gathering place not dissimilar to the public square, animated by those who choose to “paint the town red” and join in the making of the work “only thieves get caught red handed!”

nearby, a distorted surveillance mirror hovers, acting as an interpretative surface for the interactive painting. titled (public safety/visual aid), the mirror is an anchor point between the installation at das Gift and the satellite installation ONE NIGHT STAND at ex-girlfriend where the artist is presenting conceptual photography and sculpture that was inspired by months spent in front of a similar mirror in brooklyn. thus, the artist reimagines the relationship between the two venues hosting her work as the relationship between poison and ex lover, a meditation on paranoia itself.

*the artist invited members of Berlin’s art community: Nika Fontaine, Alice Jones, Margaret Kollmer, Divina Kuan, Nathan Ma, Turiya Maddireddi, Anastasia Muna, Alexander Norton, Alexander Ost, Linnea Palmestål to participate as secret “influencer painters” and start the communal painting on Nov 2, 2018 at das Gift.

Paranoia at das Gift: 119 Donaustrasse, berlin 12043, nov 2 to nov 11, 2018 and ONE NIGHT STAND at exgirlfriend: holsteinstrasse 18, berlin 12161, nov 3, 2018

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born 1992 in Munich, Germany

Maansi Jain is a Berlin-based artist and photographer specializing in documentary and conceptual projects. She was born in Munich and grew up between Paris (FR), Texas (US) and Delhi (IND) before undertaking studies at the Sorbonne, New York University in NYC, Paris, & Berlin, and at the University of Pennsylvania.

Her colorful, energetic imagery and sculpture examines power structures and universal desires through play and has been published and exhibited widely in Europe and the United States. She often mines personal imagery and private moments to explore the ways in which images can shatter shared realities and broader notions of consumption, identity and cultural hegemony.

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das gift

119 donaustrasse berlin 12043 germany

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