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Diversia - UN Calendar - June 2022: An International Group Exhibition




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Tuesday, 7 June 2022 to Thursday, 7 July 2022
Tuesday, 7 June 2022 - 6:00pm

Diversia proudly presents its 24th exhibition series artist call which focuses on UN calendar in June 2022.

The exhibition opens on June 7 and will remain on view until July 07, 2022.

Following the UN calendar, Diversia exhibition in June 2022 focuses on the following subjects:

June 01

Parents: Global Day of Parents

June 03

Bicycle: World Bicycle Day

June 4 & 12

Children: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression & World Day Against Child Labour

June 05, 08 & 17

Environmental Issues: World Environment Day & World Ocean Day & World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

June 07

Food: World Food Safety Day

June 14

Blood: World Blood Donor Day

June 16 & 20

Refugees and Immigrants: International Day of Family Remittances & World Refugee Day

June 21

Yoga: International Day of Yoga

Solstice: International Day of the Celebration of the Solstice


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Artist ( Description ): 

C.Y. Han, DeAnna Valdez, Faten Khalil, Amy Nandory, Ann Morrison, Arina Apostolova, Bert Liverance, Ciera Eadler, Claire Wei, David Clement Davies, Katy Bishop, Kenan K., Lana Fultz, Luana Stebule, Marc Olthoff, Maria Isabel De Lince, Michael J Duke, Michelle Ochonicky, Nevenka Spasic-Thater, Nicole Rubio, Rose Freeland, Sandra Pressley, Silvia Schmidtova, Stephanie Hopkins, Susan Handwerker, Sudrak Khongpuang, Larry Whitler, Doriana Sinnett, Jiaxuan Yi, Alexander Radoev, Debi Slowey-Raguso, Kate Hendrickson, Yuan Jiang, Dhroopati Rajkumar, AnneKarin Glass, Barb Lavalley Benton, Molly Alicki, Norman Gabitzsch, Rich Sheaffer, William Moore, Kristin West, Brianna Taylor, Alessandra Donovan, Mide Kadiri, Michael Mkar, Susan Ridley, Eve Cohen, Emma Gilbert, Christian Gomez, Elzabeth Gorcey, Zoe Hansen, Karen Hightower, Jessica Kelly, Chan Yu Kuo, Nicole Lea, Anand Manchiraju, Tressy Meschefske, Kelley Parent, Natalia Pleshkova, Anabella Rainer, Allyson Rice, Niyousha Saeidi, Irene Schlesinger, Abraham Sherief, George Silva, Jonathan Simms, John Sollinger, Sharon Stepman, Siyi Sun, Alison Thomas, Stephanie Williams,

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Countries: 15
United States, China (PR), Canada, Italy, Turkey, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Colombia, Germany, Thailand, Bulgaria, Trinidad and Tobago, Greece, India, Lebanon 

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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