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Under the Skin





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Thursday, 20 October 2022 to Sunday, 6 November 2022
Thursday, 20 October 2022 - 6:30pm

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Gallery70 is happy to present a series of latest works by Edison Çeraj. The artist is known for his philosophical approach to art and the exhibition “Under the Skin” is there to prove it.
“ When it comes to the human being in visual arts, we see that most artists are satisfied with the appearance, with the skin, while the world under the skin has been touched very little.

​In general, this world is left under the supervision of medicine alone, as a kind of unwritten agreement. Meanwhile, especially in our time, thanks to technology development, from the subcutaneous world, we can receive images exerting a strong temptation to read them artistically. They cannot be left only in the hands of medical experts. Even the artist can say something of value about them through another kind of interpretation.

​It is said that the secrets of the universe are written in the cells of our body.

​Considering the above, the images that medical technology offers us concerning our body have exerted a special attraction on me, especially those images that seem abstract.
​Hence, in this perspective, the “abstract” is real; it is part of our body, of the creation, before it is what we know: the opposite of real or figurative world. What we label as abstract, even in art, proves that we do not know the essence of that thing, as what we call “coincidence” proves our nescience about the cause.
Thereby, this cycle is also a consequence of searching for the “abstract” under the skin, in nature.

The image of human brain, now iconic, popular everywhere, when it came out for the first time, was an “abstract” image; but with the development and spread of technology, it turned into a real image, which represents and marks a part of our body, an organ, precisely the brain. The same happened with the cell, which through the first microscopes seemed just an “abstract” stain, but through our modern microscopes, it is something “real”, a being of its own, a sui generis labyrinth, and the “basic unit of organisms”.

The line between the real and the abstract does not exist in nature, because creation is more than real or abstract. What is defined as “abstract” today, may become “real” or “realism” tomorrow. The vice versa can also happen. This is because everything is in continuous movement, and we cannot know the shapes of things in the future. The only immovable thing is the movement. Everything moves towards an inevitable destiny, including us, regardless of our will and knowledge.

We just travel, and sometimes we “document” stations of this journey to shed more light in our path, but also on the traces we leave behind.”Edison Çeraj
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Rruga Adbi Toptanni at Toptani Center 

Gallery70 , Tirana

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