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An invitation to reflect with new works by Armin Völckers





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Sunday, 3 December 2023 to Saturday, 23 December 2023

[...]For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to paintings that have an inner mystery. A secret that can neither be solved nor forgotten. That keeps you coming back again and again. Like life, these paintings can never be completely resolved..." Armin Völckers

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Armin Völckers (b. 1963, Germany) Instagram: arminvoelckers Facebook: Armin Völckers

Education 1988 UdK (formerly HdK) Berlin, Master of Fine Arts

Selected Exhibitions 2023 Galerie Tammen, Berlin (solo) Roam Project Space, Berlin 2022 The Naked Room, Kiyv, Ukraine (postponed) Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (w. Philip Grözinger) 2021 Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (w. Leif Trenkler, Moritz Götze a.o.) Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Frankfurt a. M. BLINK ART GROUP, @artsy Odetta Gallery, NYC, SHIM@artsy Janinebeangallery, Berlin 2020 BLINK ART GROUP, @artsy Odetta Gallery, NYC, SHIM@artsy Janinebeangallery, Berlin 2019 Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (solo) Janinebeangallery, Berlin (solo) Sotheby’s/Challery, Vienna 2018 Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (solo) Janinebeangallery, Berlin (solo) Sotheby’s/Challery, Vienna 2017 Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (solo) Janinebeangallery, Berlin (solo) Sotheby’s/Challery, Vienna 2016 Galerie Schimming, Hamburg (w. Niclas Castello a.o.) Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (w. Leif Trenkler a.o.) Galerie No. 3, Berlin (solo) 1 2015 culture matters, Hannover (solo) „Funerary“, Friedhofsmuseum, Berlin (w. Claudia Hart, Chicago) Galerie Lake, Oldenburg (w. Gretchen Scherer) 2014 Galerie Anne Moerchen, Hamburg (solo) 2013 Galerie Anne Moerchen, Hamburg 2012 Karokabinett, Giovanni Castell, Hamburg (solo) Sotheby’s, Hamburg „Beauty In The Dark“, Hamburg 2004 „Find Your Love“, Berlin (w. Marc Schmitz), Damensalon, Berlin (solo) 2002 St. Emmaus Church, Kassel (solo) Galerie am Savignyplatz, Berlin (solo) 1998 Galerie Claudia Brandt, Munich (solo) Phase 4, Munich (solo) 1997 Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Köpenicker Kunstsommer, Installation "The Crying Room" 1996 Galerie am Savignyplatz, Berlin (solo) "Berlin-Rijeka", Mali Salonu, Rijeka, Croatia Kunstverein Schering, Berlin (solo) 1995 „Standpunkte“ Fine Art Rafael Vostell, Berlin Galerie M, Hamburg (solo) 1994 Galerie am Savignyplatz, Berlin (solo) 1993 Galerie im Boudoir, Berlin (as „Susi Pop“) "Potsdamer Platz" Kunsthalle Berlin 1992 Galerie Vorsetzen, Installation "Behind our Door“, Hamburg 1991 Abriss-Galerie,"Vision Thing“, collaboration with the band „The Sisters Of Mercy” and EastWest Records, Hamburg (solo)

Selected Catalogues 2018 Janinebeangallery, „Paintings“ 2017 Janinebeangallery, „Silent Green“ 1995 Fine Art Rafael Vostell, „Standpunkte“ „Flucht mit Romeo“ (selected works catalogue) 1994 Galerie am Savignyplatz, „Hin und her“ 2 Texts 2017 Dr. Anna Heinze, Landesmuseum Oldenburg 2015 Anemone Vostell Rajath R. Suri (s. website) 1995 Peter Herbstreuth (catalogue) 1994 Dr. Friedrich Rothe (catalogue)

Collections The World Bank, Washington (DC) UniCredit Schering Stiftung, Berlin Sir Paul McCartney Patricia Highsmith (Estate) Public Municipal Collection, Moscow, Russi

Venue ( Address ): 

rruga Abdi Toptani, Toptani Center, ground floor, Tirana 1000, AL  

Gallery70 , Tirana

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