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Voice of LA Panel: Redefining Cultural Identity Through Art




Saturday, 27 April 2024

Redefining Cultural Identity Through Art

Join us for a lively panel discussion Saturday, April 27th from 5PM – 7PM at Art Share L.A. 801 E 4th Place, Los Angeles 90013 where young artists explore the transformative power of art in reshaping cultural identity.

Our esteemed panelists include Clare Kunny, former head of public education at the Getty Center and founder of Art Muse LA, alongside three exceptionally talented young artists from Hello Art World: Erica Tsai, Jasmine Zhang, and Evelyn Wu. The panel will be moderated by Weimei Chen, curator and educator, and the Founder of Hello Art World.

Together, we will delve into the intersectionality of cultures, discussing art’s profound impact on community and advocating for inclusivity. Get ready to be visually inspired as our panelists share the blue and white porcelain painting series currently on display at Art Share L.A. in the Voice of LA exhibition, offering a glimpse into their creative process and stories behind their artworks. Join us for an enlightening discussion as we uncover the power of art to shape our understanding of cultural identity.


Clare Kunny

Clare Kunny is an art historian and museum professional. She served as associate director of education at The Art Institute of Chicago and head of Public Education and Teaching at the Getty Museum before founding Art Muse Los Angeles in 2013.

Erica Tsai

Erica Tsai, a sixteen year old at Troy High School, is a creative young artist who is breaking barriers in the art world. Aside from being an artist, she also has experience as an auctioneer and a leader from NJROTC, helping her infuse her attention to detail and discipline into all her endeavors, which take inspiration from all her experiences. As a first generation immigrant to the USA, she seeks to share her unique perspective of LA, sparking new insights and inspiring others to see the world in a different light.

Evelyn Wu

Fifteen-year-old Evelyn Wu, a ninth-grade student, aims to express her culture and passion through her artworks. In addition to her visual art, Evelyn is a dedicated vocalist, enthusiastic cross-country runner, and avid reader. Drawing inspiration from the fantastical realms of literature and the breathtaking natural landscapes she encounters while running, she endeavors to offer a unique viewpoint through her pieces. Evelyn hopes to bring creativity, peace, and joy to society.

Jasmine Zhang

Jasmine Zhang, a 14-year-old 9th-grade student, discovered her passion for art at age six. Beyond the canvas, she draws inspiration from music and literature, exploring various mediums. Jasmine has experience as a host, auctioneer, part-time model, and marketing lead for art events, promoting her teammates’ work and facilitating their interaction with the public.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with art and be part of a meaningful conversation shaping our cultural landscape.

(213) 687-4278
Venue ( Address ): 

801 E 4th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Art Share L.A. , Los Angeles

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