VOYZX Fine Art Project | Art Project at Vancouver | Art Week
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Country: Canada
City: Vancouver
Category: Art Project

- About -

The VOYZX Fine Art Project is focused on popularization and appreciation of Contemporary Art rooted from (in alphabetical order): Automatism, Abstract Expressionism, Biomorphism, Conceptual Art, Cubism, Metaphysical Art, Neo-Dada, and Surrealism. These styles in various forms are connected to each other and it was one of criteria why we put them in our selection. The VOYZX Fine Art Project works with living artists at different stages of their career, all of whom demonstrate extraordinary vision and original ideas.
The membership at VOYZX Artist Group is open to every artist, from emerging to established, who attributes his / her art to our selected styles.

- Previous Artworks -

Vladimir Kolosov
Dimension: 30 × 2 × 24 in
Vladimir Kolosov
Dimension: 40 × 1 × 30 in
Vladimir Kolosov
Dimension: 24 × 12 × 48 in
The Hot Line