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Sexual Assault Awareness Through Performance Art LA Art Show Jan 27th

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Sunday, 27 January 2019
Sunday, 27 January 2019 - 2:00pm

Women who have been victimized by violence often lack the support and resources needed to come forward. For artists who have been affected by the trauma of sexual assault, rarely, if ever, are there adequate opportunities to create work that addresses their stories within and beyond the larger art community.

On Sunday, January 27th at 2pm, Los Angeles artist and expressive arts therapist, Elizabeth Tobias, will amplify her fusion of social practice, performance and sound to debut "Survivor! Share your 98 Second Story" at 2019 The Los Angeles Art Show. This immersive project addresses the sexual assault epidemic, one of the most pervasive, yet most under reported crimes. Survivor! addresses the staggering statistic that every 98 seconds, there is a sexual assault in America.

Weaving together spoken word and improvised sound, Elizabeth Tobias will perform with an ensemble of artist survivors to collectively promote needed awareness and advocacy for sexual assault survivors in the art community and throughout the public sphere. 

Artist ( Name ):

Artist ( Description ): 

Elizabeth Tobias, MA, is an expressive arts therapist, interdisciplinary artist, feminist, educator and community organizer. As an expressive arts therapist, she works in private practice and in clinical settings.  As an artist and community organizer, Elizabeth creates immersive works of art and public events that address timely social issues such as abuse, trauma, discrimination, food scarcity and climate change. Her multi-media projects leverage art to engage the community in cultural, economic and social advancement. Elizabeth earned her MA in Psychology from The University of Santa Monica and her Professional Diploma from The Expressive Arts Institute in San Diego. She was awarded a Learning Innovation Fellowship from The National Science Foundation in 2014 and previously earned a Durfee ARC Grant for The Cupcake Project, featured at Harvard University. Elizabeth has collaborated with Caltech Neuroscience Professor, Shinsuke Shimojo and worked with a number of social organizations throughout California.

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Los Angeles Convention Center
1201 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015 

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