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Shades of Blue 2021

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Tuesday, 11 May 2021 to Tuesday, 10 August 2021

The artwork for this exhibition was selected by Jury from Camelback Gallery's Shades of Blue 2021 International Painting Competition. The selection of artwork was chosen based on the number of entries, technical skill, originality, quality of work and the criteria for this event. Artists represented in this show are from the countries, USA, Australia, Canada, Germany,  France, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Thank you to all that participated in this event & congratulations to the award winners.

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Best in Show Platinum Award
Andrée Marcoux

Gold Award of Excellence
Fang-Yi Chen, Philippe Giroux, Bonnie Dhein, Linda Ann Weber

Silver Awards
Hazel Prosser, May Klisch, Sonia Grobelny, Deborah Brosen, Magdalena Malczewska, Anne Smythe, Bonnie Sheckter, Patsy Lindamood, John E. Schaeffer, Janet Mandel

Bronze Awards
Kelley Batson-Howard, Oenone Hammersley, Sepporah Leoni-Johnson, Stephen Watkins, Bhaswati Sinha, Oresta Kinash, Shanan Haislip, Natalia Khlivnenko, Yochi Yakir-Avin, Kenneth Polisse Jr, Fetty, Pamela Clements, Marcia M. Spees, Licinia Dos Anjos, Barbi Thomer, Anne Smythe, Gina Judy, Connie Nooy, Anna Lau, Laura McRae-Hitchcock, Jack Mason, Adam Romswinckel Guise, Amruta Abhishek Kapileshwar, Mihaela Munday, Jen Sterling, Lisa Daniels, Judy Sutton, Kathryn Gastelum, Silvia Schmidt, Ira Mitchell, Sarah Laurie Johnson, Laura Nisita, Ajin No, Anum Jamal, Penny Soto, Pamela L. Jonas

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Online Group Award Exhibition

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