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South Bay Contemporary presents- All Themes Considered!



SBC presents its Annual Open Call juried exhibition, “All themes Considered” on August 2nd, 6-9pm. Awards for painting and sculpture categories will be given at the opening.

 Artists from the South Bay, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Ventura, Lompoc, Los Angeles, San Francisco and as far away as Japan will be exhibiting their works for the month of August.

Special Guest Artist:  Scott Canty, artist and curator

Featured Artist:  Beanie Kaman

Chloe J. Noh, Valerie Wilcox, Celeste Mookherjee, Jean Schultz, Lynn Doran, Duat Vu, Dael Patton, Joyce Weiss, Ariel Swartley, Kurokawa Takanori, Bronwyn Towle, Esther Jacks, Mark Webster, Charles Johnson, Cie Gumucio, Jeremy Grayson, Michael Stearns, John Teague, Jaye Whitworth, Carolyn Liesy, Wesley Anderegg, Eugene Rodriguez, Audrey Suer, Paul Evan Glenn, Ellen Cantor, Bea Savellano, Herlinda Rojas Giandalia, Mary Tarango, Khang Bao Nguyen, Jeni Bate, Ronnie Cramer, Russell Knight, Pat McGauley, K. Ryan Henisey, Lynne Haggard, Mary Lou Slagter, Joan Wynn, Marie L. Ilie


Below is the statement of the juror, Scott Canty


"Art is everywhere, except it has to pass through a creative mind."

Louise Nevelson

This statement by Louise Nevelson is an amazing truth about our world, Art is all around us, but it takes an artist to see that world and to pull from it and make something unique to our human eye.  Creativity is a unique quality given to all humans. Artists are the privileged ones who explore and utilize their creative gift.  Artists speak a language all their own, a creative language unique to themselves.


I am excited to have had the privilege to be the juror for ALL THINGS CONSIDERED exhibition sponsored by South Bay Contemporary gallery.  This non profit gallery has been rooted in the community for many years supporting artists and giving them a creative outlet in the community and local arts scene. What I find exciting is the creative approach that artists have in representing the world around them, expressing their political, social, religious and personal views, in a vast collection of styles and media.

In this exhibition, I was searching for works that moved me beyond the normal landscapes and still-life, looking for individual works that inspired in some way, either spiritual or emotional.  In addition, I also look for works that are well crafted and presented with craftsmanship and individuality.  Although, I was looking at digital images on a computer, so I am relaying on the quality of that medium to show me the best.  Congratulations to all the artists for giving me the opportunity to see and experience their work.  And thanks to Peggy Zask for her continued belief and vision for the artists in the South Bay. 


Scott Canty

Director/ Curator

Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park


Department of Cultural Affairs, City of Los Angeles

Venue ( Address ): 

South Bay Contemporary

Promenade on the Peninsula

550 Deep Valley Drive, #151

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

310) 429- 0973

SoLA Contemporary , Los Angeles

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