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Snakes and Amulets by Mina Cohen

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Thursday, 9 September 2021 to Monday, 4 October 2021
Saturday, 11 September 2021 - 5:00pm

     Mina Cohen is the featured artist at Partners Gallery September 9-October 4 with mixed media paintings in a show titled Snakes and Amulets. The Snakes paintings include collaged elements of a boa constrictor’s shed skin.  The shed skin is a metaphor for the year we want to put behind us.  Not only are we shedding sickness but also a government that relied on hatred, selfishness, and misogyny.  What a relief to share these works of shed skin, a rebirth.  

     Amulets are an ancient artifact of magic, though they are also a reminder of hope, hope for something good to come.  Jewish amulets are written, and include the Hebrew words Le’negdi Tamid.  As with many words in Hebrew, this phrase has many meanings: in front of me always, next to me always, opposite me always.  Whether you are a believer in God or not, the amulet reminds you that there is some power with you at all times.  The small-scale Amulets make a personal reminder of hope for good to come.

     This is the second featured artist show at Partners Gallery which reopened in June, in the historic Beacon Building at 45062 Ukiah St. in Mendocino.  Meet the artist, Mina Cohen, Saturday September 11, 5-7 pm.  The gallery is open Thursday through Monday 11 am to 5 pm.


Artist ( Description ): 

The natural environment, family traditions, travel experiences, and the history of art contribute to the themes Mina Cohen explores in her work.  She most often works in series, uses collage, paint media of all types, and sculptural forms from time to time.  

She has been a member of Partners Gallery for 16 years and has been teaching Art History and Art Appreciation for more than 20 years at College of the Redwoods and Mendocino College.  She teaches online and in the classroom.  She has traveled to all the continents except for Antarctica and tries to visit as many of the places she teaches about as possible. She has a blog that she shares with her students and others about the art that has inspired her at "Poetry Without Words".

707 962-0233
Other Info: 

Partners Gallery is proud to be celebrating 22 years as anartist owned and managed art venue on the Mendocino Coast, now opening in a new space in the heart of Mendocino. 

Long appreciated for its high-quality contemporary artwork by local artists, the gallery produces monthly exhibits of Partners artists while continuing the gallery mission to give visibility to other community artists. Invitational shows have included high school students, printmakers, photographers, emerging artists, quilt artists, woodworkers and more. There are also juried shows open to all artists in California and juried by professional curators, thus bringing new and interesting perspectives to the local scene. 

Venue ( Address ): 

45062 Ukiah St

Mendocino, CA 95460

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