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Vellum LA Presents: Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror




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Thursday, 20 January 2022 to Sunday, 13 February 2022

Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror


JANUARY 20, 2022 - FEBRUARY 13, 2022


Vellum LA

7673 Melrose Ave | Los Angeles, CA 90046  |  By Appointment Only


Vellum LA, Los Angeles’s premier art gallery for NFT-backed digital art, is continuing their streak of successful and carefully composed NFT exhibitions with Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror, curated by Jesse Damiani and Sinziana Velicescu. The exhibition will feature the work of influential artists exploring place and the architecturally imaginary in digital realities. Elsewhere is a Negative Mirror, will also take place as an online auction in partnership with SuperRare and will include works by Saks Afridi, Kirk Finkel (untitled, xyz), Vince Fraser, Mari.K (MadMaraca), Petecia Le Fawnhawk x Deep Light Labs, Nate Mohler, Sabrina Ratté, Nicolas Sassoon, Kristen Roos, and Thato Tatai.

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About Vellum LA

Vellum LA is LA’s premier art gallery for NFT-backed digital art located on Melrose Ave. As a physical space in the heart of Hollywood, Vellum LA will become the destination for experiencing NFTs and digital art in Los Angeles while also facilitating immersive NFT-backed experiences around the world. Outfitted with state-of-the-art LumaCanvas displays, Vellum LA aims to revolutionize the NFT industry, bridging together the traditional and crypto art worlds while meaningfully situating NFT’s within the context of art history.

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About SuperRare

Founded in 2017, SuperRare is a pioneering online, peer-to-peer marketplace for premium, single edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs), most notably CryptoArt, built on the Ethereum blockchain. Created with the goal of reinventing art collecting for the digital age, SuperRare has facilitated artists and collectors around the world to sell and purchase more than $71M worth of art in the last year alone. On the heels of a successful first round of funding in 2021, SuperRare continues to work with key art curation and auction partners across the globe.


About Luma Canvas

Luma Canvas is a museum-grade LED display designed specifically for digital art and NFTs. Bringing artwork to life through the widest color gamut available and an unparalleled 160- degree viewing angle, Luma Canvas boasts resilient LED technology and is immediately more vivid than the highest caliber of TV displays.

Venue ( Address ): 

7673 Melrose Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90046

Hijinx Arts , Los Angeles

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