Rebecca Bennett Duke at Shoebox Projects

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Saturday, 16 September 2017
Saturday, 16 September 2017 - 2:00pm

Please join us Saturday September 16th 2-5pm for the culmination of Rebecca Bennett Duke's residency at Shoebox Projects.

Rebecca Bennett Duke has been using the space at Shoebox Projects to shift her focus from three-dimensional objects back towards drawing with an emphasis on making a connection between two-dimensional work (large format drawings), and three-dimensional work (the "Toys for Imaginary Children" series) while at the same time exploring the limitations of each.

Three-dimensional work accesses sublimated feelings in the viewer through materials that carry with them a complex history. Two-dimensional work relies on the fabrication of space to tell the same story. Both can lie, both can expand on the truth, I seek to find out how the two processes can inform each other beyond one simply being in service to the other.

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My work is shaped by my experience growing up in a tiny town in rural Vermont. My time was filled with caring for animals, climbing trees, and entertaining my younger siblings. I received my BFA from Maine College of Art in 1995 and eventually moved to San Francisco, California where I had various adventures working as a project manager and graphic designer in tech companies. Finally I settled in to teaching at the Academy of Art University where I still teach technical drafting and rendering to Industrial Designers. In 2011 I received my MFA from California State University, Northridge where I switched my focus from painting and drawing to sculpture. I currently live with my husband in the neighborhood of Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, California, continue teaching at the Academy of Art University online, teach children through the Armory Center for the Arts, curate shows for and help manage Monte Vista Projects, and foster kittens and cats through Kitten Rescue.


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660 South Avenue 21 #3
Los Angeles Ca 90031

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