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Natural Visions



The Peninsula Art Institute presents a duo exhibit, Natural Visions, featuring the work  of photographers Kay Podolsky and Ellen Lee.  This exhibit, to be held in the Peninsula Art Institute Gallery, runs from May 15 through June 22. There will be a reception open to the public on Sunday, May 18 from 1-4pm

Photography is continuously evolving with new and diverse techniques and treatments.  This exhibition explores how different photographic images can offer new perspectives on photographic art – two artists revealing the parallels between their distinctive visio

Ellen says, “Working abstractly could impact an image’s meaning.  Looking for beauty in the ordinary and spotlighting fragmentation in most of my work, the curious are compelled to contemplate the reason for their visual impression”.

 Kay says, “Augmenting reality to entice the viewer to “feel” the 3-dimensional image requires a knowledge of perspective and the use of technology to produce my work.  The images have a tactile quality a 2-dimensional photo can only approximate.  Their construction can go beyond reality as when a cat’s paw reaches out of the mat and dares the viewer to pet it; or a tulip lowers its blossom to show the interior of its cup”.

 About the Peninsula Art Institute (PAI) - Grand opening day for PAI was March 16, 2013. PAI is home to more than 25 resident visual artists and is located on the San Francisco Peninsula.  Its mission is to: Provide a supportive working environment for creative professionals in the visual arts and a cultural resource for the community.

PAI is a department of the Peninsula Museum of Art. Artist disciplines include Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Fibre Art.  Visitwww.peninsulaartinstitute.orfor more information, or by calling 650-692-2101.  The Peninsula Art Institute Gallery is across the courtyard from the Peninsula Museum of Art’s main entrance; and is open the same hours as the Museum, Wednesday through Sunday 11 am to 


Artist ( Description ): 

Kay Podolsky and Ellen Lee

Venue ( Address ): 

Peninsula Art Institute, 1777 California Avenue, Burlingame, CA


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