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VAA Art Café: Artist Residencies and Placements



Thursday, 21 September 2023
Thursday, 21 September 2023 - 2:00pm

Call for Artists! Curious to find out how a short artist residency can take your art practice to the next level?


Join our free online Art Café with professional artists and industry experts Maggie Cochran, Alessio Antonolli, and Amy Jobes to find out more about the opportunities available.

Artists-in-residence programmes give visual artists opportunities to work away temporarily from their usual studio or workplace. This time can allow artists much-needed space to connect with new audiences, to feed their creativity. The right artist-in-residence programme can be a key turn to gaining visibility and art sales in an artist’s career.

Placements come in all shapes and sizes and can typically last from a week to six months or longer. We will be looking at traditional placements at museums and universities, as well as commercial residencies in luxury hotels, theatres and more.

If your art career could do with a boost, this will help artists of all levels to pivot their art practice, covering:

The different types of residencies and placements.

How to find artist residencies.

How to create your own bespoke residency.

Payment and promotional opportunities.

Common mistakes to avoid in residency placements.

Guest Panellists

Maggie Cachran is a contemporary landscape artist, inspired mainly by the coast and the light. Maggie has a Fine Art degree from the University of Chichester and won the Cornwall Life Landscape Painter of the Year in 2016. Maggie has exhibited widely and her work is held in private collections around the world. She has undertaken a number of Artist Residencies, including a weeklong residency at Bedruthan Hotel and Spa in Newquay, renowned for its support of art[1]ists since the 1950s.

Alessio Antoniolli is the Director of Gasworks, London, where he leads a programme of exhibitions, international residencies and participatory events. He is also the Director of Triangle Network, a world-wide network of visual art organisations that work together to create artists’ exchanges and to share knowledge with each other. He is also curator at Fondazione Memmo, Italy, where he programmes one international exhibition each year. He has lectured widely and has been part of many juries including the UK’s Turner Prize in 2019.

Amy Jobes is a contemporary landscape painter based in North Devon. Amy has previously worked with the likes of Echo Beach Gallery, Artists & Illustrators Magazine, and even the VAA as a speaker at our ‘How to Build a Small but Mighty Artist’s List’ Masterclass. She has been a full-time professional artist for over ten years- taking the leap in 2012. Amy is an Artist Mentor at the VAA, alongside Karen van Hoey Smith.

The Art Café will take place via Zoom Webinar at 14.00 GMT on Thursday the 21st of September 2023. Spaces limited.


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