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A new chapter to Vladinsky’s critically acclaimed 'Observer' series launches at HOFA Gallery

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Thursday, 4 November 2021 to Wednesday, 17 November 2021

Romanian visual artist, Vladinsky, renowned for his signature abstract style of portraiture today announces the latest progression of his critically acclaimed 'Observer' series will appear at HOFA Gallery between 4 - 17 November, 2021.  

The exhibition titled ‘Fragments’ features new and previously unreleased works from his lauded Observer series. First launched in 2019, the portraits in this collection reflect a strong philosophical turn in Vladinsky’s work as they mirror the dysfunction of modern life. Their elongated profiles, vibrant colours, and inchoate faces, set against dark and seemingly blank backgrounds, are as mesmerizing as they are unsettling, provoking viewers to a new and profound understanding of themselves.

These latest works also represent an evolution in Vladinsky’s technique and process, having spent many months in the beginning of 2020 studying and experimenting with new forms. His artistic process, which reflects his approach to life, is spontaneous and passionate, a process of flow during which the essence of ideas, emotions and experiences take form on his canvas. 

Vladinsky was first exhibited at HOFA Gallery in May 2021 during the ‘Matter and Form’ group exhibition which featured traditional and NFT artworks, bridging the perceived gap between conventional and digital art. The Romanian artist’s reputation has since grown remarkably.

HOFA Co-Founder Simonida Pavicevic Says “Vladinsky has very quickly reserved his place on the global art scene and is one of our most popular artists. He is a free spirit with the vision of an entrepreneur, and we are delighted to be representing him and to be presenting his first solo show in London.”  

Commenting on his forthcoming show, Vladinsky say “Fragments is a culmination of the journey of growth and evolution I embarked on in 2020. I really slowed down and this gave me a chance to appreciate life.” 

He adds “Life is not all about rushing from one thing or one experience to the other. We need to slow down or stop to appreciate life and what is around us. In society we must observe and it is through this observation that we then choose how to create our path.”

Vladinsky’s ‘Fragments’’ will run for 2 weeks from the 4 – 17 November, 2021 at HOFA Gallery, Bruton Street, Mayfair 


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11 Bruton Street
London W1J 6PY

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