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Memory Dances, Hampton Boyer




Friday, 27 January 2023

Memory Dances is the first UK exhibition of Hampton Boyer, a trailblazing Virginia-based artist known for his figurative paintings, made up of layers of bright, clear colours, geometric forms, and complex texture. His dynamic compositions tell intimate and spiritual stories, drawing on the Black American experience and negro-spiritual songs and symbols.

This is a deeply personal and poignant series of images evoking the legacy of the African American diaspora. Memory Dances features the first body of paintings that Boyer created while living and working in Richmond, Virginia, famously the first area in the Deep South where slaves arrived to work the plantations.

Using images from the antebellum south and his vivid imagination Boyer creates large-scale works of vivid colour, geometric form, and raw emotion. The artist reflects on the influence of stories handed down through the generations to confront the past including negro spirituals and more recently murals and street art.

Artist ( Description ): 

Self-taught visual artist Hampton Boyer was born and raised in the South-eastern region of Virginia (Hampton Roads, Virginia). Working in a multitude of media, Boyer creates graphics, paintings, and murals of an expanded view of the African American diaspora. Incorporating personal experiences and history to bridge the relationship between past and present.

Boyer’s highly expressive works blend bright colour and geometric forms with complex texture and composition. Inspiration and influence calls upon an array of sources, from the underbelly of street art, graphic novels, music, to elements of art history. Boyer is forever expanding and refining his process to create a sustained body of work that signifies strength and depth.

Currently working and living in Norfolk, Virginia, Hampton Boyer has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions around the world. In 2014, he cofounded 670 Gallery in Hampton, and served as Creative Director until 2017. Boyer currently works as an advisor, curator and business developer for The Contemporary Arts Network. Notable recent exhibitions include the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art.

Venue ( Address ): 

Eastcastle St, London W1W 8EQ

Lisa Baker Ltd , London

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