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HOFA Gallery announces their next virtual exhibition date with Marco Grassi and ‘Mama Raised Me Right’

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Wednesday, 3 June 2020 to Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Popular Italian contemporary artist, Marco Grassi, will début his newest artworks in a virtual solo exhibition titled 'Mama Raised Me Right', presented by HOFA Gallery from 3 to 17 June 2020.   The exhibition will also take place in HOFA’s new flagship Mayfair gallery on Bruton Street, should conditions permit.    

HOFA Gallery have already seen tremendous success with their new series of virtual art experiences which were launched in response to the Coronavirus crisis. Since launching the virtual shows one month ago, over 40k have tuned in across the globe to see immersive exhibitions such as Zhuang Hong Yi’s ‘Nova’ and the group show ‘Here & Now’ (which runs until 3 May), where all proceeds from the sale of Bran Symondson and Terry O’Neill’s work, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (2019), will be donated to the NHS.

The upcoming virtual show of ‘Mama Raised Me Right’ will have the hallmarks of HOFA’s hi-tech virtual programmes, complete with ‘true to life’ 3-dimensional renditions of Marco Grassi’s alluring art and an immersive VR experience.                            

Marco Grassi, whose gilded portraits of young women are instantly recognisable, has garnered widespread pop culture appeal despite his insistence on not being classified a pop artist. His distinctive fusion of realism and surrealism comes to life in figurative portraits of real women whose personalities and passion are his true subjects. Grassi's art is sometimes described as celebratory because as he explains it, he aims to pay tribute to the intense emotional experiences of his models in the moment when he captures them. He recreates this emotional intensity through portraits rendered in gentle, shimmering colours that blend outwards into bold gold leaf backgrounds symbolising the height of emotional intensity and dynamism.                                                            

In 'Mama Raised Me Right', GRAMA, as he is called by the art community, will present his latest works depicting young women staring resolutely in the direction of the viewer. Their silently confident and unflinching gaze gently initiates and at times demands a dialogue with the viewer about society's expectations and opinions of young women. In this latest body of work, the artist explores round canvases measuring 150cm and 200cm in diameter and incorporates silver leaf backgrounds for the very first time. 

Residing in Italy, Grassi is all too aware of the effects the current pandemic is having on society and culture. Commenting on his forthcoming virtual show, the artist said, "Whether the physical show goes ahead or not, I am delighted that HOFA has provided a way for my art to be enjoyed and experienced throughout this crisis. It has opened up the exhibition to many more people than normal, and on a global scale.  I hope, in some small way, it lifts spirits and brings the art community together.”                                                  

'Mama Raised Me Right' will run for two weeks from 3 to 17 June HOFA Gallery, London and will be accessible via a secure link.  



Title: ‘Florence’
Artist: Marco Grassi
Dimension: 150 × 0 × 0 cm

Title: ‘Giorgia’
Artist: Marco Grassi
Dimension: 150 × 0 × 200 cm

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11 Bruton Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 6PY

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