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Field of Action - Performative Drawings & Paintings



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Saturday, 5 March 2022 to Sunday, 20 March 2022
Saturday, 5 March 2022 - 12:00pm to 6:00pm

Field of Action - Performative Drawings & Paintings

A Draw to Perform project at Canning Gallery, London 5-20 March 2022

Day of Live Performances - Sat 5 March 12:00 - 18:00 


'Field of Action' is an art project at the Canning Gallery, curated by Draw to Perform's founder and director Ram Samocha. The project will start on Saturday 5th March with a day of live drawing and painting performances by 13 local and international artists.

The remains of these performances will be installed and displayed in the gallery space for two weeks, allowing gallery visitors the opportunity of looking at them not only in the context of live art products but also as independent works of art that were uniquely created live in the gallery space and not in the artist's studio.

The day of performance and the following exhibition aims to open questions around the relevancy and the position of the artist's presence in our time, the creative process and the alternative ways of making art on-site. It also aims to explore the relevancy of the final product of art, its production and the options of sharing it today. It attempts to understand the impact of those objects as individual works of art suitable for display not only in the context of live art remnants but also as works that stand for themselves and hold appeal within the contemporary evolving art scene. 

As part of this project there will also be drawing performance workshops on Sat 12th and Sun 13th (10:00-12:00), and a panel discussion with participating artists on Sun 13th (15:00-17:00). Please visit Eventbrite and Draw to Perform websites for more information about all future activities.

Add a donation ticket and reserve now your participation in joining us on Saturday 5th March for the day of live performances, which will be running all day from 12:00 to 18:00 at the Canning Gallery space. The audience will be able to drop in throughout the day, observe the various performances and participate in some of the action.


Participating artists:

KV Duong -

M. Lohrum -

The Phantomat -

Kirsten Lavers -

Hanna ten Doornkaat -

Laura Greenway -

Carrie Mason -

Laure Van Minden -

Claire Zakiewicz -

Gerald Curtis -

Oliver Evelyn-Rahr -

Fu LE -

Ram Samocha -


Gallery visiting hours for the 'Field of Action' exhibition:

Saturday 5 March 12:00-18:00 Day of live performances

Sunday 6 March 12:00-18:00 


Thursday 10 March 12:00-18:00 

Friday 11 March 18:00-21:00 

Saturday 12 March 12:00-18:00, 10:00-12:00 Workshop 1 

Sunday 13 March 12:00-18:00, 10:00-12:00 Workshop 2, 

15:00-17:00 Panel discussion with participating artists


Thursday 17 March 12:00-18:00 

Friday 18 March 18:00-21:00 

Saturday 19 March 12:00-18:00 

Sunday 20 March 12:00-18:00


Venue ( Address ): 

11 Brunel St, London E16 1EB

Draw to Perform , London

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