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Alvaro Barrington

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Saturday, 7 September 2019 to Saturday, 26 October 2019
Friday, 6 September 2019 -
5:00pm to 7:00pm

Alvaro Barrington 


Sadie Coles HQ 1 Davies Street

07 September – 26 October 2019

private view: 06 September, 5-7pm

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Alvaro Barrington (b. 1983 Caracas, Venezuela). Born to Grenadian and Haitian parents and raised between the Caribbean and New York, Barrington’s practice explores interconnected histories of cultural production. His series “Garvey” examines the cultural exchanges of early 20th century London and the Harlem Renaissance— both sites of large-scale migration from the Caribbean at the height of Modernism – and their ongoing influence on artistic output and notions of self-hood, sexuality, the soul, identity, nurture, nationality, punishment and death. Considering himself primarily a painter, Barrington’s multimedia approach to image-making employs burlap, textiles, postcards and clothing, exploring how materials themselves can function as visual tools while referencing their personal, political and commercial histories.

+44 (0)20 7493 8611
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Artist's statement

Figuring it out is hard and I’m sorry 
It aint about you/
Burn Babylon/
Yah pussy ah da wettest/
Racism Shadism Classism colorist sexism Patriarch decentering whiteness
No Fucks Given/
The Marathon continues/
Art is about learning how to be, Painting is about what's in front of you, it's about learning to see/
Niggas die everyday in the hood B/
You're the most insecure person I know and it's disgusting/
We have to be gentle with each other’s hearts 
I Like America and America likes me 
For the CULTURE/
If you were them, You would be them/
“You’ve got to give them something special, you got to give them you, what you do, what you represent”
New women, old ways, Gotta Keep a Balance/
I look cooler than I am/
I don't want my work to be some fucking free zone associations/
Build the margins/
This nigga always skiing even in the summer/
Poverty Broke/
"I'm a Roc-A-Fella
What nigga for Roc-A-Fella shit I will rock a fella”/
"grey sheep”/
"You know you were my first time a new feel”/
“Lots of class but working class”/
Every year I grew up but never got older/
Fuck a lot/ mad asexual/
The margin are limitations of the imagination/
There are no margins/
Every master must empty his cup/
Take my dog to go see Santa/
Worker’s rights/
Be more grateful/
It’s ok to have the feelings that you have/it doesn’t mean your feelings are correct/
Don’t restate what someone has already said when you can say something new and more relevant/
Take something do something to it then do something to it/
Ok, Sorry/
It’s my flesh that holds on to facts, It’s my spirit that holds on to truth/
She riding dick on her tippy toes/
Trama looping/
Web of what I’m already doing/
Digital identity/
Only thing that was real/
Too much mindless conformity/
Live your truth
Black people who love black people
Who are you talking too
Sorry if I made you feel less than who you are/ a little insecure
a civilian 
Bummy Jack
Swear by the moment 
Centering identifies 
Consider the source 
Emotional thirst-trap
Long journey not a lot of time
Borderless experience
Ima shine Anti-social extrovert 
I’m from the far side of a small island 
Wanna feel the thrust wanna feel the texture 
Not really into small talk but always want a deep conversation
Biggest turn on real empathy not this pseudo cultural capitalist woke that people exercise now a days/ empathy 
that requires real listening and imagination around someone else’s lived experience.
Everything I experience is real

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1 Davies Street

London W1K 3DB

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