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Risja Steeghs | WARP #4




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Friday, 11 December 2020 to Sunday, 17 January 2021

From the 11th December 2020 until the 17th January 2021, the work of Limburg-based artist Risja Steeghs (Reuver, 1991) will be displayed in the SEA Foundation’s vitrine. She is the fourth and the last artist joining this year’s WARP program. Risja Steeghs considers her work as an extension of herself, if not herself as an extension of her work. The jumble of colours, patterns, materials and media form a bright ensemble. Entering a space filled with Steeghs work is like entering another universe. 


The art of becoming

When Risja changes, her work changes. The becoming of her person directly influences the becoming of her work. She considers her artistic practice to be an intuitive journey that she embarks upon with herself, life and her works of art. The artist's open-mindedness and receptivity towards the world and her work process facilitates her ability to connect with her canvas. While making, an intimate process of inner transformation arises: "I am the canvas, the canvas is me and afterwards we are two separate parts." At that particular moment one can wonder whether Steeghs is the artist, or the work itself. After this moment of transformation, the two become separate once again. The work is now ready to enter the world.



WARP is a curated project that exhibits works of art in the restricted space of SEA Foundation’s vitrine. The aim of WARP is to establish a portfolio of regional and national artists and interlink the project with the successful international artist in residence program. WARP is borrowing its name from a term that is widely used in the textile tradition. Warp is setting the direction of the threads when weaving. Warp threads run vertically and provide structure to the woof; the weft threads that are being wrapped around the warp. Organizations like SEA Foundation resemble the warp: a collection of threads being stretched in place presenting a frame and a given direction. For WARP we invite artists to produce new works and to draw their practice over and under like the weft threads. The result is a fabric made through collaboration, experiment, skills, and trust. Other artists who were presented in WARP in 2020 are Sabine de Graaf, Lisette de Greeuw and Peng Zhang.

Artist ( Description ): 

Risja Steeghs initially attended fashion school. When she became ill and bedridden she had had to put a hold on her education. Her urge to make art stems from this time in her life. While lying in bed, she made small works, mainly collages. The need to create has not ceased since then. Risja Steeghs became a self-taught visual artist. After her 'self-education' the artist studied at The Royal College of Art in London, where she obtained her MA Sculpture. 

+31 (0) 13 544 44 95
Other Info: 

Exhibition dates: 11.12.2020 - 17.01.2021

Artist: Risja Steeghs

Opening Hours: open 24/7

Event photo credit: Meike Hekers

Venue ( Address ): 

Venue: SEA Foundation, Tivolistraat 22, 5017HP Tilburg


SEA Foundation (SEA) is an institution for contemporary fine art, based in Tilburg, with an international approach. SEA focuses on the development of the practice and network of professional artists, curators and writers aged from 25 and over. In the collaboration with these professionals, SEA Foundation acts in service to their practices that are under the radar of institutional and commercial frameworks, where the focus is on creating new content. 


The Foundation is a provider of residencies, as well as a presentation space. However, the residencies are the core activity.  Furthermore, SEA initiates and coordinates a discursive year program, which consists of events like talks, film screenings, book presentations and lectures. SEA Foundation is distinguished by its big international network, homely framing and artists-focused approach. 

SEA Foundation , Tilburg

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