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Possible (Im)Possibilities

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Saturday, 7 May 2022 to Sunday, 29 May 2022
Saturday, 7 May 2022 -
4:00pm to 7:00pm


Possible (Im)Possibilities - A Retrospective of Satisfaction
With the international exhibition Possible (Im)Possibilities - A Retrospective of Satisfaction – the five participating artists explore the limits of their possibilities, pursue the unattainable, reflect on the past in order to develop further in the future and strive towards achieving an ultimate level of satisfaction within their artistic processes.

Possible (Im)Possibilities' – looking back at satisfaction, is the context for the participating artists to interact with the public in relation to their individual professional practice and their personal processes and struggles. Five artists with a high diversity in disciplines and choice of materials, as well as their surprising and extremely different processing techniques and advanced technology, but with a clear common denominator as core value, show an overview of their work within this exhibition and thus form the vehicle of their research in the different phases of the individual processes and implementation within their artistic worlds and ideas. Their ongoing individual artistic journeys and challenges caused by their pursuit of achieving something that seems impossible.

Alexander Ketele (Belgium), Sophie Papiau (France), Akiko Suzuki (Japan/USA), Frans van Viegen (Netherlands) and Ron Weijers (Netherlands) are all artists of a kind, tackling a wide variety of subjects and delving into the significant shifts in the paradigms of existence that bring to the fore the clash of culture, nature and technology. Centered around three modes of change: mutation, transformation and metamorphosis. The process of creating the work is fundamental to developing a visual language that allows them to convey the sense of their experience to the viewer. Their works define and redefine the meanings of process and transformation. Bringing elements of chaos and dissonance into a state of harmony, each work matures into a fully realized presence.
The international exhibition Possible (Im)Possibilities can be seen from May 7 to May 29, 2021 in the Hardenberg room and the Weissenbruch room at Pulchri Studio in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Pulchri Studio at Lange Voorhout 15 in The Hague. 

Title: 10dence presentation
Artist: Akiko Suzuki - Japan/USA
Dimension: 200 × 200 × 2 cm

Title: 10dence presentation
Artist: Alexander Ketele - Belgium
Dimension: 50 × 50 × 50 cm

Title: 10dence presentation
Artist: Frans van Viegen
Dimension: 100 × 100 × 2 cm

Title: 10dence presentation
Artist: Ron Weijers
Dimension: 150 × 150 × 5 cm

Title: 10dence presentation
Artist: Sophie Papiau
Dimension: 200 × 300 × 500 cm

070 346 1735
Venue ( Address ): 

Lange Voorhout 15, The Hague, Th Netherlands

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