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There´s a Bluebird in my Heart

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There's a Bluebird in my Heart

1 November – 22 November 2014

"There's a Bluebird in my Heart..." – the delicate songbird, native to North America, which the poet Charles Bukowski evokes in verse in his great The Last Night of the Earth Poems as an image, belongs to the species of the thrushes. Its feathers at the neck and belly are colored like a red robin, while its head, back, and tail feathers are brightly blue.
In English, “blue” also means melancholy, sad, or lewd, coarse, and a “bird” can also be
a woman, a bimbo, but also a guy or chum.

Bukowski, the hard-boiled guy, the “gentle man slut”, as a German newspaper once called him, coquettes in the verses of this poem with a soft, romantic soul hidden deep in his heart, concealed from the external world.

In our exhibition, visitors can see paintings by Abetz & Drescher, Neal Fox, Ivar Kaasik, Wolfgang Neumann, and Tim Plamper, portraying not just Bukowksi, but also other icons of rock and pop culture who had the blues, or indeed still have it: Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Jack White, Paul McCartney und Gustaf Norén, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, Jean Genet and Jack Kerouac, also Doctor Freud, who discovered the blue bird locked in deep inside of us.

The venerated public may regard this exhibition, which will be on show for only three weeks, as a prelude to an event with which in December we will close off this very successful year for the gallery: a special exhibition to mark the 75th birthday of the Turkish author Aras Ören, member of the German Academy of Arts, who has been living in Berlin since 1969.

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art Berlin


Artist ( Description ): 

Abetz & Drescher

Neal Fox

Ivar Kaasik

Wolfgang Neumann

Tim Plamper

Other Info: 

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Venue ( Address ): 

Egbert Baqué Contemporary Art, 

Fasanenstraße 37, 10719 Berlin

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