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A Convocation of Color: A Solo Exhibition by Ed Whitmore

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Wednesday, 1 September 2021 to Thursday, 30 September 2021
Wednesday, 1 September 2021 - 10:00am

A Convocation of Color, an international online solo exhibition by Ed Whitmore opens on September 01 and will continue through September 30, 2021.

As a young man, Ed developed an interest in ancient civilizations which led to personal exploration of architectural ruins and reinforced his yearning for a lost past. Themes of decay and loss can be found in many of his pieces, and is reflected in his choice of medium, the evocative build up of patina that develops as a result of the oxidation of iron copper and bronze metal effects paint. When in his early 20s, Ed was enthralled by Mark Rothko’s large color field paintings exhibited in a retrospective at the Guggenheim Museum. Lost in spiritual reverie while contemplating Rothko’s works, Ed experienced an ineffable sense of the sublime. This experience left a lasting impression on Ed and has had an enduring influence on his art. He tries in his own work to capture some of that sense of awe that Rothko’s work evokes.

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I work with metal effects paints (iron, copper, bronze) which change color as they oxidize, creating lovely patina in evocative shades of brown, green and blue. The process yields dramatic yet naturalistic effects which evoke the passage of time and my yearning for a lost past. Partially the result of my parents violent uprooting from their lives in Poland due to WW2 but also due to my hobby of exploring architectural ruins of the Maya, and my interest in cave art, ancient cairns and Earth Mother Goddess sites. Somber themes of decay and loss can be found in many of my pieces. Yet there is also the wholehearted embrace of life that surviving entails, as can be seen in several of my whimsical sculptures and paintings.

I often incorporate vintage objects into my work such as using 75+year old letterpress trays and vintage oak desk drawers as my canvass, and creating sculptures atop the bases of vintage wrought iron candelabras. I sometimes painstakingly hand chisel wood planks prior to painting - an ancient technique known as bas relief - which gives the impression that the sculpted material has been raised above the background plane. I collect and tumble semi-precious stones which I sometimes use to ornament my paintings and sculptures. The lovely hues of agate, garnet and jasper augment the natural colors of the oxidized metal effects paint and provide even the casual art aficionado a way to approach and appreciate the art work. For those attuned to the spiritual and metaphysical properties of minerals, the pieces exude positive calming energy.

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