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Anti-War 2024: The 3rd Annual Exhibition by Exhibizone



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Saturday, 27 January 2024 to Thursday, 29 February 2024
Saturday, 27 January 2024 - 6:00pm

@exhibizine It is with immense pleasure to extend a heartfelt invitation to you for the Anti-War 2024 International Online Art Exhibition, a unique exhibition to shed light on the destructive facets of regional and global wars, conflicts, attacks, and their profound consequences and aftermath through the lens of art.

The exhibition opens globally from January 27, as January 27 marks the International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust in UN Calendar, and will continue through February 24 (the day Russia invaded Ukraine) to be closed on February 29, 2024.

In today's world, where the echoes of warfare reverberate across borders, it becomes imperative to confront and reflect upon the harsh realities of armed conflicts. Through the powerful medium of art, the Anti-War 2024 exhibition endeavors to ignite conversations, provoke thoughts, and inspire actions towards peace and harmony.

Featuring works from talented artists around the globe, this exhibition offers a poignant portrayal of the human cost of war, the resilience of communities, and the collective yearning for a world free from violence. Each artwork serves as a testament to the artist's vision and a plea for a future marked by reconciliation and understanding.

As you navigate through the virtual galleries, I encourage you to immerse yourself in the narratives woven by each piece and contemplate its significance in the context of our shared humanity. Your presence and engagement are not only a testament to your appreciation for art but also a step towards fostering dialogue and empathy.

Moreover, we invite you to actively participate in the exhibition by leaving your ratings and comments on the artworks you encounter. Your feedback will not only support the artists but also contribute to a broader discourse on the role of art in advocating for peace and social change.

Join us in this journey of introspection and enlightenment at the Anti-War 2024 International Online Art Exhibition, and together, let us envision a world where art becomes a catalyst for a more peaceful tomorrow.

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Artist ( Description ): 

Robert B. Reed, Rich Sheaffer, Bill Anderson, Karen Schaffenberger, Robert Willits, Howard Harris, Richard Huck, ILIA, Jonathon Garza, Olivia Kays, Nora Komoroczki, Bryne Valenzuela, Jin Powell, Mila Didenko, Heather Eck, Marvin Shafer, Tom Hooper Seaman, Elisabeth Ubbe, Dalia Doron, Bill Stoneham, Maria Umanets, Mariano Gonzales, Lillias August, Beth Altomonte, Thomas Baillieul, Jude Berman, Robert Bibler, Kamila Blessing, Debrah Block Krol, Rebecca Cohen, Seven Lyou, Iana Dzombak, Marla Ferguson-Leak, Claire Firley, Trish Ford, Connie Freid, Adrienne Garnett, Mark Goodmanson, Terry Goulart, Thomas Hardcastle, Barbara Heller, Nanci Hellmuth, David Isakson, Beth Vannatta, Scott Johnson, Marlene Kawalez, Ellen Kingston, Marsha Klein, Nancy Kozikowski, Fay Kravitz, CK Kumpula-Clark, Tomas Lagunavicius, Santiago Lopez, Susan Lynn-Rivera, Jordan Massengale, Olga Matiushko, Inna Nikolaieva, Nathan Opp, Alx Orphant, Paul Pearce, Marc Phares, Les Phillips, Katherine Reed, Phillip Schwartz, William Stoehr, Michael Vecchio, Rute Ventura, Jim Barrett, Mark White, Ravinda D Wibowo, Rika Williams, Olena Holub

Other Info: 

Countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Sweden, Hungary, Israel, Switzerland, Australia, Lithuania, Austria

Venue ( Address ):

Biafarin Inc. , Vancouver

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