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Tuesday, 26 May 2020 to Saturday, 18 July 2020

Gallery70 has the pleasure to present  Heroina  from Jon Kraja . The exhibition is installed in the gallery and will run virtually on ARTSY.

"Jon Kraja's heroine is an imaginative fragment that evokes troubled inner landscapes of the human being struggling to connect and feel loved. A thin thread of pulsating capillary luring towards the abysses of self-destruction, surrender to addiction, the ecstasy of leaping into an endless pit, the perdition or temporarily numbing of the sublime pain, as in a drama already played out in the universe, gravitational waves of which we feel and attract us inevitably...

She' stays close, always there, even when you don’t pay attention , even when you pretend not to see her. It is not beautiful until the moment that enters the bloodstream with a smile, it spreads like a sweet wave of warmth that invades the body and it comes out from fingertips pouring on the canvas with provocative shapes and colors. Hypnotic as a mirror that you can't take your eyes off and where your own image , your hidden self is distorted and transformed terribly, reminding us of the high price to pay for breaking many barriers once. In the darkness of routine and comfort, scary demons are hidden waiting to appear if you persevere a little longer ...

Perhaps the heroine is not there to remind us any of the above, perhaps she is simply the materialized object in the frame of a constant, silent and insistent auto-exorcism that Kraja has been questing inspirationally. But whatever she is, she has the power to transform into an archetype image that can hardly be erased ...

Kraja's 'Heroine' is impersonal, she already has her life detached from the author, like a sin materialized inside the frame, hanging on the wall to provoke us where we don't go down often ... Ardian Lama

#JonKraja #ArtKeepsGoing 

Due to Corona Virus Restriction visitors are requested to book an appointment. Please note that only two persons are allowed on the same time. We thank you for your understanding : 

Rruga Abdi Toptani, (At Toptani Center Ground Floor) +355692041859; Open by appointment


Artist ( Description ): 

Jon Kraja is born in Tirana in 1970, where  he graduated from the Arts Accademy of Tirana in 1994. Descending from a family of artists, inspired by his grand father Master Kole Shiroka and raised during the communist dictatorship in Albania, Jon Kraja, has developed an original and personal style, based on autodidact research, going beyond conformity. He produces powerful and surprising artworks preoccupied by the unknown and the mystery of lifeless objects.

Jon Kraja has exhibited in Italy, Germany, Albania, France, Netherlands, USA. His works are part of private collections.

#painting #installation# sculpture #stagedesign

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2015   Split Canvas /Galeria Kalo/ Tirana /AL (group exhibition)

2015   Albanian journey / Dusseldorf /DE (group exhibition)

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Venue ( Address ): 

Rruga Abdi Toptani (at Toptani center ground floor) 

Tirana Center


Gallery70 , Tirana

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