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The First Man Painting; A Solo Exhibition by Javid Andalib

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Javid Andalib's solo painting exhibition; "The First Man Painting" will open live and on galley space on 16 August 2019 and will continue live till 15 September 2019. Through this series Javid is expressing new meaning for old known definitions. Language, thoughts, memory and our mind evolved since the first man visually communicated through his drawing on a cave wall, but the essence of this need still remained the same over the ages.

In his words, "The First Man Painting" refers to the first person who has ever painted, and surely not for the creation of art itself, but as the first hunter, first farmer and so forth ; motivated by the survival instinct. The foundations of this transformation, advantaging from the  possibilities of  language and thought, are memory and mind, by defining new meanings out of everything we confront.Acc‌umulation of these meanings is taken into consideration as a historic and repetitive process during thousands of years, having always led to creating new definitions based on the previous meanings."

In this new process of meanings, we set a new primary mechanism for growth and survival that may cause errors in our perception of objective reality. And, in today's world, sometimes the boundary between our day to day realiities are so obscure and the gap between the accumulated definitions and the first-hand reality is so distant that not only do they deviate from their original meanings and functions, but also can easily be manipulated.

Here, Javid's paintings can be an escape towards re-experiencing the firsts, struggling to return to the origins of the meaning.

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