Gallery 25N "Seeing Blue" Fine Art Exhibition Opens

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Thursday, 30 March 2017 to Sunday, 30 April 2017

Gallery 25N "Seeing Blue" Fine Art Exhibition

Gallery 25N "Seeing Blue" Fine Art Exhibition Opens
Gallery 25N proudly introduces unique travels through blue shades and images of wonder and inspiring EXPERIENCES.
An eye-catching continuity permeates this assembly of works that flows from images of scattered hopes to those of soft spiritual restorations.  Literal realism and bold futuristic abstracts join this exhibit with remarkable aesthetic connection.  One cannot help but question, “Does the blue adapt to the image or does the blue acquiesce to the message?”  However one chooses to perceive this collection, it is evident that the unique and impressive applications of the color blue elevate it to a purpose of newfound reflections; the wide range of emotions expressed here makes this quite evident.
Continuity strides with confidence and subtle defiance as dream-like droplet sparks travel on and hold on as they respectfully enter a pointillist realism.  The blue illusions we visit here are not only trusted guides as we travel along their collective offerings; they are reassurances of a continual cohesion within our world--sometimes sweetly poignant, other times sharply defined.  Yet they are one with their principles.
This exhibit is a gift to those in search of travels through the surreal which flow into a classic celebration of life.  Viewers will find themselves searching for the beginning and the finale, for all the intentional reasons.
The artists featured in this exhibit are:
Richard Baron - USA
Alain Brazeau - Canada
Yashwant Kumar - India
Corliss Chastain - USA
Trayc Claybrook - USA
Alex Cuchilla - El Salvador
Anna DeStefano - USA
Deborah Edwards - France
Linda Lane Haynes - USA
Anna Marie January - USA
Marta Konieczny - Poland
James Peterson - USA
Bruce Pollock - USA
Alexandru Popovski - USA
Daniel Prelipcean - Canada
Erica Rossetto - USA
Carol Scott - USA
Lynn Skordal - USA
Terry Slade - USA
James Sparks - USA

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