How to How to How to write your first novel using You Tube( and why you should)

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Join us for a book launch with a difference, as artist Gretchen Andrew presents the experience of writing her first novel, with YouTube as her only guide. The project explores the process driven novel and investing creative excuses to combat the common fears of creation"

As part of her residency at arebyte, artist Gretchen Andrew deploys the looping GIF medium to explore what you can and cannot learn, and by way of learning, ‘become’, by following “how to” videos on YouTube. HOW TO HOW TO HOW TO write a novel applies this self-taught process to writing a first novel. 



Gretchen Andrew (born in California, 1988) started painting in San Francisco after becoming convinced that the internet can teach you anything. Her practice incorporates traditional oil painting and related investigations of knowing and becoming.  She has completed projects or exhibitions with The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, The V&A Museum, The British Film Institute, The Lumen Prize for Digital Art, The British Arts Council, The White Building, Ace Hotel, The London Film School, and Whitcher Projects. She works in London with the artist Billy Childish.


This project is generously supported by Arts Council England.


More information about the exhibition and residency at arebyte can be found here
and more information about the artist can be found here and here

Interviews and related media can be found on the following links:

For further information please contact Rebecca Edwards or

Other Info: 

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