Zie Otto
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Title: Photograhpher
Country: United States
City: New York
I have always loved photography and for that reason submerged myself in the medium. I create images to express my feelings, thoughts, ideas, or simply to mirror the relationship between me and my subject. Usually, I take photographs for myself in order to explore and document my world, and to interact with people I might otherwise not meet. I specifically love making portraits because it forces both me and my subject to become intimate in just a short bit of time.
Portraits afford me the opportunity to explore parts my subject’s personality and/or identity and, ultimately, they allow me to tell a story." Zie Otto (Art-Mine) Zie Otto's images, notably his portraits have captured the beauty and chaos of his subjects personalities. For questions and inquiries about purchasing prints please contact Agora Gallery Chelsea. or info@zieotto.com for general inquiries. For Licensing and rights request please contact Josef at The Licensing Project.The Licensing Project.424 Broadway #401-402New York, NY 10013 Tel: +1 212 343 8600